An Hour to Save the Earth

Earth Hour

As of this writing, an hour’s Journey to save the EARTH in my location by turning off the light for 1 hour is over . And yes, I decided to vote for the Earth by switching off my lights together with Billions of people worldwide. Some people may think, what is an hour’s worth of switching your lights off vs. the imminent and alarming effects of Global Warming. But just imagine if the target 1 Billion votes for Earth by its responsible citizens is achieved, we’re talking about energy saving the proportion of which is of really really great magnitude.

Of course turning of our lights for an hour doesn’t save the Earth per se, but it is more like a very strong statement of support for any move to save the planet. Saving the planet doesn’t end in Earth Hour. It is just the beginning…

As an individual we can help conserve energy through small things which we may feel is not important but can contribute a lot in the long run…

1.) Let’s learn to walk- Not only is walking a good energy/fuel saver but a very healthy routine. It will make us more active and interactive. If we need to go to a place not too far away, we can just walk. For sure, we will still get to our destination. Just don’t forget to bring sun protection.

2.) Sleep early- By sleeping early, we can turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. The health benefit is good as well. It can reduce stress and would also improve our minds to become sharper.  It will also make our bosses happy cos we will never be late for work! 🙂

3.) Reduce the use of Air Conditioning Unit- Yes, summer is very hot so we are so tempted to open the Air Conditioning Unit in our homes as often as we can but there are better alternatives. Wear light clothes, use the ever-reliable Abaniko Fan or take a sip of any of my suggested thirst quenchers which you can find in my previous post.

As for me, apart from the above, I will make one hour of each day an Earth Hour Day. I will switch my light off for an Hour each night and hope with this action, I can contribute to help save the Earth.

Where is the Best Holy Week (or Summer) Hideaway?

Holy Week is almost 2 weeks away. I heard there are many resort destinations that still have vacant rooms for Holy Week. This is really strange considering that traditionally, Lenten Season is a super super super PEAK season even before our generation was born. The Global Economic Recession is really pinching its way to all sectors of the society and Tourism is the most volatile of them all.

Anyway, for the Sun, Sand and Sea lovers- Holy Week is the best time to relax and do some rest and recreation. Going to the Beach and stuff doesn’t mean we forget the essence of the Lenten Season which is commemorating our Savior Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice to die on the cross to redeem us from all our sins.  I would like to think that this season (being a Long Holiday) is the best time to reflect, spend precious time with loved ones and repair or take back some broken or lost relationships.

Now the question is, Where is the Best Holy Week (or Summer) Hideaway? I’ve made some random choices for you to select. Once you select the best destination, share to us why you consider it on top of the list.

Hope you will have a memorable Holy Week this year!

Summer Thirst Quencher

Summer is here..and it’s here to stay! Now that temperature is rising to over 36 degrees on an average day, many people prefer staying indoors. But even when we’re at home, still the hot and humid air makes us exhausted and easily irritated. Lucky for those who can afford to open their Air-conditioning unit the whole day and don’t mind if they have to pay electricity bill as high as Burj Dubai.

But what about us average income-earners? 😦  Well, it’s not the end of the world yet…we can opt for the cheap but refreshing (and healthy) alternatives.

On top of my list of the Oh-so-refreshing Thirst Quencher is the ever-so-reliable Fruitas Fruit Juices. You can find Fruitas kiosks in most major Shopping Malls in the Metro. My top 3 favorite Fruitas Smoothies are: Watermelon, Ripe Mango and Green Mango.


I remembered there was 1 time that my GF and I were able to collect Three (3) Starbucks Organizers during their Christmas Promotion by collecting stamps every time we purchase a Starbucks drink. We are talking about almost 70 stamps in just over a month! What the heck, the cost of the organizer is not even 1/3 of the total cost of drinks we purchased in one booklet. At any rate, Starbucks is no regret at all. Of course, Frappuccino would be at the top of my list if we are talking about Starbucks brand of Thirst Quencher drinks. My Personal favorite would be Chocolate Cream Frappuccino and Caramel Frappuccino. How I hated Starbucks when they removed Rhumba frappuccino on their menu. I also love Toffee Nut Latte.


One thing that keeps me going back to  Goldilocks (except of course their Dinuguan and Fresh Lumpia) is their Sago’t Gulaman with crushed ice..First, it is served very simply but tastes really good. I am not sure if it’s about the arnibal or because the 3 Bears prepared the food and drinks perfectly well but this traditional summer thirst quencher is tops!

Goldilocks Sago't Gulaman

Now, if you really are out of budget, the forever inexpensive Pop-Cola is enough to quench your thirst. Another good alternative is RC Cola. I think most of the Sari-Sari stores sell these Soft drinks. Only thing is that due to its popularity especially with the masses, it tend to be out of stock easily.

Pop Cola

So these are my top choices of a perfect beverage in this scorching summer months..What about you, what keeps you cool?

The Saga of Boyet Fajardo…

Boyet Fajardo..I can’t recall where I heard this name…is it a street name in Sampaloc? The name of our School Bus Driver during my Elementary Days…I really can’t remember where I encountered this name…but wait, I think I heard and saw this name in the news recently..Ah, now I remembered…the famous Boyet Fajardo who lambasted and hurled invectives to a poor and helpless cashier as if there is no tomorrow or as if this cashier had stolen the credit card of this “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” shameless person and purchased tons of goods without his consent…come to think of it, the cashier only did his job by asking for an identification card from a cardholder bearing an unsigned credit card which is actually an SOP especially with the prevalence of fraudulent credit card transactions  these days.

“He/She-who-must-not-be-named” should be appreciative of this gesture from the cashier cos as a consumer, if we know that Sales staffs from such kind of establishments are doing the same thing, then we need not worry too much if in case our credit cards were stolen because chances are, the card cannot be used for unauthorized purchase due to lack of identification from the supposed cardholder.

I personally pity “He/She-who-must-not-be-named”. He is not even a household name yet but seems like his career is bound to go down the drain because of his action which is unnecessary and totally uncalled for. Now he is making excuses that he is just tired and hungry..indeed such a lame excuse!! My dog actually behaves better than “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” even if he’s hungry or tired. Talk about behaving well in public. Now his spokesman claim it as “Creative Outburst”.

Fortunately for me, checking my clothes as of this writing, I have no (and forever will not have an apparel) bearing the Boyet Fajardo brand. I don’t know if it is because his designs doesn’t attract me at all or I simply prefer better brands. Especially after seeing his behavior caught on cam, this “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” doesn’t deserve to be successful at all.  But come to think of it, I may just be too emotional similar to the millions of people who support the petition against him. Of course, I would still want him to be successful in his field cos it will still be a pride of the Filipino people if he becomes well-known internationally despite the scandal, but I would like to wish him success ONLY if he truly feels sorry about what he’ve done. I think he already paid for his action with all the cuss words he is receiving right now.

Change(ling) if necessary…

Over the weekend, I had the chance to watch some DVD movies at home while working as well.  Talk about hitting 2 birds in 1 stone..Anyway, some films I saw were dragging if not mediocre while some are action packed if not interesting. But one movie that caught my great attention is Changeling starring Angelina Jolie and Directed by Clint Eastwood.

The movie is set in 1928 Los Angeles and inspired by a true story of a Mother who got reunited with her kidnapped son but realized that he is an impostor. It is also related to the sensational kidnapping and murder case called  Wineville Chicken Coop Murders uncovered in the same year.

What is so moving about the movie is just thinking about the possibility (if you are in the same boat as Christine Collins) of totally losing your most prized possession (read: Child) for some unknown reasons. Then when your hopes are all gone, you heard a news that your kid was found by the police only to realize that said person they claim to be your kid is not know to you at all.

It is a daunting task how to find your lost son especially if you have no clues how he got lost but the taller order is how to prove LAPD (a very prominent organization with unblemished reputation) was wrong with their investigation and they produced the wrong boy to everyone.

I am not a big fan of Angelina Jolie but I think she fits the role of Christine Collins perfectly well.  She gave a subtle but moving performance apt for an Oscar nomination.  The cinematography is also good especially with the early 20th century setting.

The movie also tackled many social issues which are still relevant even in this modern day and age such as Empowerment and disempowerment of women in the society, corruption in the police ranks as well as well known political figures and lastly Child abuse and juvenile delinquency.

This movie also made me realize that we can have different personalities which we can change easily depending on the situation or the person we’re interacting with but we can only have one character and character cannot be altered.

How to lose your belly fat in 10 days…

The movie “How to lose a guy in 10 Days” starring Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc Conaughey was a hit! It is quite interesting to see how a guy is able to make a lady love him in 10 days time and on the other hand for a lady to lose a guy in 10 days as if she is just disposing a week-old contact lenses to be replaced by a new set…easy it may seem but it is only happening in Hollywood. In reality losing is as hard as a volcanic rock and as imposing as the Burj Dubai Skyscraper.

I enrolled in the gym since last June 2008 and as of this writing, I have never completely lost my oh so stubborn excess fat in my belly..WTF! It’s been 9 months but seems like my belly is here to stay forever. Well to start with, I love to EAT.. and who doesn’t? I am just so fortunate (or is it unfortunate– hahaha! Just kidding guys) to have friends who enjoy life to the maximum level…Enjoying life means having weekly (or is it 2 times a week?) Food meet-ups. When we have meet ups, it’s not the typical 1 or 2 course meal but a FULL, EXTRAVAGANT and BOUNTIFUL feast. We just love Kare-Kare, Pata Tim, Pork Belly Sinigang, Adobong Manok, Daing na Bangus and many other mouth-watering dishes. Then there is also the traditional take-out of foods after the meet-up so after that, the fridge is still full (read: 1 Year supply) of the sumptuous Filipino Food.

Kainan to the Max

Kainan to the max 2


Next, after going to the gym at night- I feel so tired and hungry. So what happens is I tend to eat a lot just before my bed time. It is a risky behavior I know cos it is prone to cardiac arrest or pancreatitis but I just simply cannot skip dinner cos I am not a breakfast person. Usually in the morning, I have to rush to the office so I will just have a cup of coffee and just eat heavy lunch or dinner. Even if I force myself to eat breakfast, my body is not used to it so I either feel so full and bloated the whole morning (which makes me too uncomfortable to work) or I just throw up.

Well, going back to the topic…how long had I wished to look good with the flat tummy and perhaps with multi-pack abs. Never in my life have I been able to feel so confident taking pictures in the pool or the beach cos I know no matter how hard I try to cover or no matter which angle I pose, the protruding tummy still wants to be part of the scene 😦

Recently, I see some changes…I religiously go to gym nowadays (at least 3 times a week) and do rounds of cycling plus some weight training exercises. I try to cut my carbs intake and bloat myself with Tea (which I read in the Internet is a very effective way to burn calories or excess fat) as well. I think my waistline reduced by 1.5 inches in the last month. Come May, I want to see a leaner, trimmer ME. I hope I will have the will power to continue this routine. Though it is impossible to lose Belly Fat in 10 Days, I am not losing hope at all.

My First time

I thought blogging is a hobby that only those people with a lot of time to spare can do until I created my own despite work that is up to my neck! What the heck, I am not a car that keeps on running unless I ran out of gas. I am a normal looking guy with an average intellect that just want to share my life to everyone through this blog.

We all have our Firsts in life…first kiss, first love, first heart ache, and the list goes on and for me, this is my first Blog Post..and am a little bit excited for future posts. Still not sure what it will be so just hang in there with me and keep me company.