Change(ling) if necessary…

Over the weekend, I had the chance to watch some DVD movies at home while working as well.  Talk about hitting 2 birds in 1 stone..Anyway, some films I saw were dragging if not mediocre while some are action packed if not interesting. But one movie that caught my great attention is Changeling starring Angelina Jolie and Directed by Clint Eastwood.

The movie is set in 1928 Los Angeles and inspired by a true story of a Mother who got reunited with her kidnapped son but realized that he is an impostor. It is also related to the sensational kidnapping and murder case called  Wineville Chicken Coop Murders uncovered in the same year.

What is so moving about the movie is just thinking about the possibility (if you are in the same boat as Christine Collins) of totally losing your most prized possession (read: Child) for some unknown reasons. Then when your hopes are all gone, you heard a news that your kid was found by the police only to realize that said person they claim to be your kid is not know to you at all.

It is a daunting task how to find your lost son especially if you have no clues how he got lost but the taller order is how to prove LAPD (a very prominent organization with unblemished reputation) was wrong with their investigation and they produced the wrong boy to everyone.

I am not a big fan of Angelina Jolie but I think she fits the role of Christine Collins perfectly well.  She gave a subtle but moving performance apt for an Oscar nomination.  The cinematography is also good especially with the early 20th century setting.

The movie also tackled many social issues which are still relevant even in this modern day and age such as Empowerment and disempowerment of women in the society, corruption in the police ranks as well as well known political figures and lastly Child abuse and juvenile delinquency.

This movie also made me realize that we can have different personalities which we can change easily depending on the situation or the person we’re interacting with but we can only have one character and character cannot be altered.


4 thoughts on “Change(ling) if necessary…

  1. hahaha….isang beses lang ng pa kita ang Kangaroo at na tuwa din si Nicole kasi parang 1st time nyang naka kita…hahahha….

  2. thanks Juvs for the tip. Sige I’ll try to watch it means ung movie na Australia marami Kangaroos and Koalas? 🙂

  3. Changeling meaning in folklore, a child who is secretly substituted for another one by fairies…so meaning na sapain sya? un ba ang story? hehehe…anyway, ilang beses ko na to na kita sa MININOVA pero di ko pinapansin, dahil sa blog mo nakaroon ako ng interests…im downloading it now…sana lang parehas tau ng sasabhn after ko to mapanood….try to watch AUSTRALIA a worth watching movie also and its NICOLE KIDMAN…chill!

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