Summer Thirst Quencher

Summer is here..and it’s here to stay! Now that temperature is rising to over 36 degrees on an average day, many people prefer staying indoors. But even when we’re at home, still the hot and humid air makes us exhausted and easily irritated. Lucky for those who can afford to open their Air-conditioning unit the whole day and don’t mind if they have to pay electricity bill as high as Burj Dubai.

But what about us average income-earners? 😦  Well, it’s not the end of the world yet…we can opt for the cheap but refreshing (and healthy) alternatives.

On top of my list of the Oh-so-refreshing Thirst Quencher is the ever-so-reliable Fruitas Fruit Juices. You can find Fruitas kiosks in most major Shopping Malls in the Metro. My top 3 favorite Fruitas Smoothies are: Watermelon, Ripe Mango and Green Mango.


I remembered there was 1 time that my GF and I were able to collect Three (3) Starbucks Organizers during their Christmas Promotion by collecting stamps every time we purchase a Starbucks drink. We are talking about almost 70 stamps in just over a month! What the heck, the cost of the organizer is not even 1/3 of the total cost of drinks we purchased in one booklet. At any rate, Starbucks is no regret at all. Of course, Frappuccino would be at the top of my list if we are talking about Starbucks brand of Thirst Quencher drinks. My Personal favorite would be Chocolate Cream Frappuccino and Caramel Frappuccino. How I hated Starbucks when they removed Rhumba frappuccino on their menu. I also love Toffee Nut Latte.


One thing that keeps me going back to  Goldilocks (except of course their Dinuguan and Fresh Lumpia) is their Sago’t Gulaman with crushed ice..First, it is served very simply but tastes really good. I am not sure if it’s about the arnibal or because the 3 Bears prepared the food and drinks perfectly well but this traditional summer thirst quencher is tops!

Goldilocks Sago't Gulaman

Now, if you really are out of budget, the forever inexpensive Pop-Cola is enough to quench your thirst. Another good alternative is RC Cola. I think most of the Sari-Sari stores sell these Soft drinks. Only thing is that due to its popularity especially with the masses, it tend to be out of stock easily.

Pop Cola

So these are my top choices of a perfect beverage in this scorching summer months..What about you, what keeps you cool?


One thought on “Summer Thirst Quencher

  1. kung na iinitan ka na-nasa Bangkok, ano na lang ako na andito sa Dubai…crap! crap! swerte na lang pag patak ng April bumaba dito sa 36 degrees, kasi even sa kalsada ang semento mainit tlaga…hayy…araw araw nnaman ako mag rereklamo nito…anyway, ang masrap dito, pwedeng 24hours open ang AC so masarap lang tlaga mag stay sa house. nga pala have you tried Sago’t Gulaman sa Chowking?! mas masarap sa kanila…heheheh…yung fruitas mas nakaka uhaw un eh! kasi matamis, I also love Chocolate Cream Frappuccino of starbucks, pero di praktikal, mas mahal pa nga sila kay sa gasolina sa pinas eh!!! crap! so pop cola na lang.hahahha….pang pa lipas uhaw lang….all in all WATER is the best….chill!

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