An Hour to Save the Earth

Earth Hour

As of this writing, an hour’s Journey to save the EARTH in my location by turning off the light for 1 hour is over . And yes, I decided to vote for the Earth by switching off my lights together with Billions of people worldwide. Some people may think, what is an hour’s worth of switching your lights off vs. the imminent and alarming effects of Global Warming. But just imagine if the target 1 Billion votes for Earth by its responsible citizens is achieved, we’re talking about energy saving the proportion of which is of really really great magnitude.

Of course turning of our lights for an hour doesn’t save the Earth per se, but it is more like a very strong statement of support for any move to save the planet. Saving the planet doesn’t end in Earth Hour. It is just the beginning…

As an individual we can help conserve energy through small things which we may feel is not important but can contribute a lot in the long run…

1.) Let’s learn to walk- Not only is walking a good energy/fuel saver but a very healthy routine. It will make us more active and interactive. If we need to go to a place not too far away, we can just walk. For sure, we will still get to our destination. Just don’t forget to bring sun protection.

2.) Sleep early- By sleeping early, we can turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. The health benefit is good as well. It can reduce stress and would also improve our minds to become sharper.  It will also make our bosses happy cos we will never be late for work! 🙂

3.) Reduce the use of Air Conditioning Unit- Yes, summer is very hot so we are so tempted to open the Air Conditioning Unit in our homes as often as we can but there are better alternatives. Wear light clothes, use the ever-reliable Abaniko Fan or take a sip of any of my suggested thirst quenchers which you can find in my previous post.

As for me, apart from the above, I will make one hour of each day an Earth Hour Day. I will switch my light off for an Hour each night and hope with this action, I can contribute to help save the Earth.


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