Swine Flu Source

Times like these…we need some humor..don’t be afraid to SMILE…

Finally, Scientists have discovered the real cause of the Swine Flu virus…

Swine Flu Source

Swine flu, what say you?

The world seems in panic due to the escalating cases of influenza caused by a new strain of virus believed to have come from swine but now is being passed from human to human. Epicenter is in Mexico and several cases of swine flu infection were reported in the US, New Zealand, France, Israel, Spain, UK and Canada. Many countries stepped up surveillance in borders as well as airports especially for flights coming from Mexico. At this stage, it seems the world is in for another BIG thing even if the global economic recession has not bade its good bye..economies of many countries continue to sink with stock markets not too upbeat at this time.

Many restaurants, bars, cinemas, schools, museums and churches in Mexico were closed and business were literally put to a halt in some parts to avoid spreading the virus further. This outbreak is expected to give tourism and airline industry a big blow and on a global scale. Tourism industry has always been very volatile and any incident that causes security, safety or health risk always puts this industry on the downturn.

The spread is inevitable…but what we citizens of the world, must do to prevent it to become a global pandemic? Many experts say there are simple preventive steps to safeguard our health against these risks. It includes washing hands frequently using warm water and mild soap or alcohol-based sanitizer, covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing by using a tissue paper and throwing it out immediately after use, avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth, avoiding crowded places, eating nutritious foods and taking supplements to improve health. Moreover, I think it is best to avoid or limit shaking hands, hugging or kissing as we might contract or spread the virus.

Rising population and the ever-changing lifestyle of humans is tantamount to spread of diseases some of them new and unknown to modern medical science. The key to prevention is living a healthy life all the time regardless of nationality, age, gender, religion, work and so on…

What say you?

REALLY, my new found career is singing…lol

Earlier I posted that I can feel I have a new career..in Singing..that is. Well just to update you, finally after performing tonight, my Group won Best Performance and got Dinner Voucher in a nice, hip Hotel here in Bangkok. So soon me and 7 other team members will troop to the hotel and fill our tummy with some good food. 🙂

The prize may not be too big but the thought of performing with over 40 employees is another achievement for me..I’ve never sang in a crowd of more than 20 people before.Yes I do sing…but I usually sing in my shower not in a public place for God’s sake.. Ha ha! It’s not that my singing is bad..it’s just that I have other better talents than singing..Lol.

Anyway, I think my confidence got boosted by the fact that I sang a Filipino song which my colleagues don’t know the meaning nor the precise melody. At any rate, the guitar accompaniment made it better. Btw, I sang the acoustic version of South Border’s Kahit Kailan. See…it’s not easy to sing that song huh!

Ok ok..enough of this hallucinations and day (or is it night) dreaming…Just let me stay in Cloud 9 just for tonight. Lol.

Have a great weekend!

My New Found Career (How I wish)

Tomorrow we will have our Staff Party (sort of Company Outing) but actually not an Outing cos we don’t go out of the office but just share some dinner together and activities including raffles from our friendly neighborhood suppliers. We were supposed to go out of town, everything is settled and booked. Unfortunately, because of the recent turmoil where we feel it is best that we do not go too far and not to mention our Operations do not permit cos we operate 24/7 and business cannot stop, so we finally decided to just have the party inside the office. Anyway, it is the memory that counts…

Come May, I’ve worked in the office for 1 year now. Maybe already considered an Old staff but still new in some ways. Our Office tradition is that every Staff Party, all the newly-hired will have to perform something and show their talents. Being one of the 2 foreigners in the office, of course they want to see what I am made of…lol.

Of course the ever-jolly me consented on this sort of dare. I actually had a choice not to perform being a senior in the office but I decided anyway this party is just once a year and might as well showcase to everyone my so-called talent so I obliged.

The new staff were grouped into 2 and my team decided to dance 1 modern number an 1 traditional dance. Immediately after, the most sought-after performance will take place..That is my Solo Performance. Ha ha ha!

My team finalized the concept last night and practiced today. I will be singing a Filipino song cos they find it something new and unique and they want tohear the way we sing our song..My song will have a guitar accompaniment which makes the song to be acoustic style.

It will be the first time I will be singing solo in a big group like this with all the anticipation and curiosity…Yikess!!! Now I am starting to have butterflies in my stomach. At any rate, I am also excited. Who knows, this might be a start of a new career for me..something that would really make me BIG. Well, I don’t look like Susan Boyle or William Hung but I am keeping my fingers crossed..so I can be popular in the future too.

Never Been Kissed….

Susan Boyle

The Cat is out of the bag! So the story that Susan Boyle (the instant sensation from Britain’s Got Talent) has never been kissed isn’t true…Now she said in an interview with a British Breakfast show called GMTV that it was meant as a joke!

Susan Boyle…never been kissed? She said it should be corrected to “I’ve never stopped (kissing)”.

The blogsphere has so many comments about this development..some people saying the it was made so the show will gain more publicity, or Susan tricked everyone..

As for me whether it was a trick or just a simple case of misinterpretation of her joke, I can never deny that Susan Boyle’s Got Talent. Without those stories, for sure she will still gain attention because of her voice quality not to mention her looks is something that we don’t normally see get noticed in Talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and the like.

I just wish Susan will do her own cover of Don’t Cha by Pussy Cat Dolls…Let’s see how she move her “curves” to the beat of the song…:P

(Still) Another Blogger was born!

I was told that my friend (and former colleague) who is now based in Dubai (She Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as what she requested from me…to keep her privacy in tact, lol) created her own blog here in WordPress! Hear ye! Hear Ye!

She the ever-timid, ever-refined if not uber-shy lady is now a Certified Blogger like me! (Applause! Applause!).

I have not clarified yet if she saw me as her Susan Boyle (or William Hung?) –which is the source of insipiration to many people now, the reason why she thought of having her own blog after reading some of my posts…well the pleasure is mine…at least I am able to convince other people to share their life to others through some interesting posts, anecdotes and the like.

To the normal readers/future bloggers I am able to influence by  my posts, may your tribe increase!

gee….I think I deserve a hot cup of coffe or tea from these peeps when I get to meet them. 🙂