Intelligent people are not always smart

Out of curiosity I answered an IQ test in Friendster cos I can’t remember my IQ score.  Finally after answering quickly, I got a fair score..112. It say’s an average person has an IQ of 100 so if you’re over 100, you are above average..Damn, I am above average…lol.

Average, normal, has always been like that for me for as long as I can remember. Personally, I feel I am a person of average intelligence, ordinary looking and no outstanding talent, period. My only consolation is well at least I managed to finish my studies, able to get a good job with a comfortable salary and still surviving in this crazy urban jungle also known as the Corporate World up to this time.

Many people say the only way for you to survive in this world is to be street-smart. Intelligence is a God-given gift but often, it doesn’t help you in times of distress or trouble. If you know ways to get through life’s various obstacles, then you’re the MAN!

Acquired knowledge from books or school in time may become outdated, obsolete and useless especially with the very fast-paced environment we are in and with so many forms of technologies being introduced everyday.

If you have what they call “Diskarte”, it will open many doors of opportunities. It could be your hex, charm, mojo into your journey to success.

As for me, I feel I am still the person with an average intelligence, still ordinary looking and lastly still no outstanding talent (as of this writing) lol. But I am contented..well at least for now. 😛

Maybe one of these days I can discover my hidden talent that could give me loads of money and unsurpassed

Pardon me, dreaming is still free these days so might as well maximize it.


2 thoughts on “Intelligent people are not always smart

  1. agree with you on this, there’s nothing wrong with becoming genius and geeky and nerdy but i’d rather be smart and cool

    bloghopping…got here while searching for trina’s case. nice blog keep it up!

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