A New Blogger was born

My Friend Yvonne and I had known each other for about 4 years now as far as I can remember. We are old colleagues and we share many common traits. First, we are both Aquarian and we firmly believe that we Aquarians are born Intelligent, creative, passionate, loving and loyal (you just have to agree with me on this since this is my blog anyway He He He!).  Both of us love writing and even with normal office e-mails we tend to exercise our creative thinking with the way we reply to each other’s mails.

What I admire about her is her maturity, leadership and self-confidence. I think the reason why she don’t mind giving compliments for your good work or if you look good is because she is self-assured and confident about herself. In short, the short time we became colleagues we jibed together well.Then she resigned from our company to take a new job opportunity. I stayed for few more years. Our communication since then became less especially since I was assigned overseas recently.

Last month, she visited me together with another friend/former colleague plus my GF (3 of them). The Holiday was short but we had a blast! I took the opportunity to show them the best of the city through various cultural, historical and entertaining (which gave them the surprise of their lives)  activities not to mention food trips to the maximum!

Then our group shared very funny and nice pictures of our recent trip not to mention endless stories about the experience and we have been constantly communicating since then.

One day, I was inspired to create my own Blog site in WordPress.com thus, kikomatching.wordpress.com was born. Of course I had to announce this (feat) to my close friends and relatives, Yvonne included. She was happy with this new activity of mine and congratulated me with a comment in this  site. My blog gave her the inspiration to create her own Blog website and so Yvonne the blogger was born today!

I am still not in the position to divulge her blog’s URL address because I think she is still enhancing it. Soon, I will include it in my blogroll.

At any rate, I am happy with my friend Yvonne for being a certified blogger now. I am sure she can express bits and pieces of herself and her life through her posts.

Let’s drink to that!


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