A Female-Dominated Philippine Bar Exam

Name School Rating
1st place Lardizabal, Judy A. San Sebastian College 85.70%
2nd place Amerol-Macumbal, Mylene I. Mindanao State University 85.65%
3rd place Baclay, Jr., Oliver P. Ateneo de Manila University 85.60%
4th place Jala, Majesty Eve L. Ateneo de Manila University 85.55%
5th place Liceralde, Ma. Elizabeth L. University of the Philippines 85.40%
6th place Macapagal, Micael T. University of the Philippines 84.15%
7th place Dy, Denise S.Regis, April Love C. Ateneo de Manila University
Ateneo de Manila University
8th place Tan, Christine Joy K.. Ateneo de Manila University 83.80%
9th place Jacob, Jihan A.
Velasquez, Shirley G.
San Beda College
University of the Philippines
10th place Raymundo, Vanessa C. San Beda College 83.70%

Hugging the news lately is the result of the 2008 Bar Examination held last year at the De La Salle University. Out of the 6,364 examinees, only 1, 310 passed representing 20.58% of the total examinees. What is very interesting (not to mention alarming) is the continued decline in the percentage of passers. Is it because the exams over the years is becoming more and more difficult or it is a clear sign of the deterioration of our Educational System?

Well, I am really not in the position to criticize these law schools simply because I know studying law is very tough and practicing it is even tougher. The reason why I dare not enter a law school. Ha ha ha!

I read in the article in Abs-Cbn news.com that the passing rate had to be adjusted and lowered to 70% instead of the usual 75% because of the small percentage of passers. Had they not adjusted the passing rate, only 280 examinees would have passed the Bar Exam.

Another noteworthy observation is that out of the 12  Examinees listed in the TOP Ten, 10 of them are FEMALE! WTF, what happened to the Male population? Isn’t the Bar Exam a traditionally Male-Dominated Licensure Exam?!? If men don’t work overtime, I won’t be surprised if men will just be the plain house husband since women can earn a lot lot more! Women power really is on the works in our society right now.

For this year’s Bar- San Sebastian College took the Top Spot and Mindanao State University comes in at close 2nd. Traditional top-notchers ADMU and UP covered most of the Top 10 placers.

Kudos to all Bar Top-notchers and passers. As our country is facing many legal, moral and social issues we need more intelligent and credible lawyers like you!

And to those who are not fortunate enough to pass this year, you can try again next year.


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