Another Day, Another Birthday

It’s half past midnight of April 12, 2009. Manila Time. This is a special day not only because it coincides with Easter Sunday but because this day is the day of my special Baby. I will not mention her name here cos I am afraid she might become more popular than me in my own blog but deep inside, I know that she knows how special she is to me.

We’ve known each other for Eight years now and it has been a happy and blissful eight years. We shared many happy times and of course those disagreements or misunderstandings pop out like mushrooms in your garden on a rainy day. But life without these things is so bland. It perks up our relationship and serves as a learning experience for both of us.

If there is one thing that I truly appreciate of her, it’s her patience.  Aquarians like me are known to be loving, friendly and loyal but we are almost always associated with being moody, inconsistent and erratic. And I agree at times, I am soo unpredictable. Even with my mood swings, I rarely see her lose her temper. In most cases, she just keeps her cool and let me do my tantrums. 🙂

I think the day God gave patience, she filled one big container of it. And as for me, I think on that day, I was sleeping soo soundly so never had the opportunity to even fill a cup of patience. Lol.

We are miles away from each other so the least thing I can do is to call her (which I already did!) and wish her all the best. I don’t have a gift yet cos I am still thinking of a good one to give but even if it will come out a little bit late, when I go back home, surely I will make it up to her.

Today is your day, you have a blast! You know how much I miss you and can’t wait to go back home next month. I Love You and Happy Birthday!


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Birthday

  1. Well, you are one lucky guy. She’s a superwoman to have kept you for eight years. Wish you both happiness and more love to share for the rest of your life.

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