My Songkran in Khaosan

Despite the recent turmoil in Bangkok these past few days, the festive spirit of Songkran Festival, Thailand’s New Year celebration is not dampened. People are back on the streets to enjoy this annual affair. If there is one person who is so excited to celebrate Songkran in Thailand, it would be me….because it is my first year in Bangkok and this would be a new experience for me.  Well, I was not disappointed and did not regret going to Khaosan Road (traditionally the busiest area in Bangkok during this period) even though it is quite far from my place.

We reached Khaosan almost 7PM and seem the people are just starting to enjoy the festivities. It is a must to have your own water gun to make the experience more enjoyable because the objective is to make other people wet. Thais believe that this would wash away bad luck of the previous year and making someone wet is like blessing them for the next year.

Most of the people you see walking the small streets of Khaosan are teenagers who don’t mind being wet on top of the noise as well as a lot of pushing around. I realized Thai people are entertained easily and don’t need fancy celebrations with lavish costumes and dancing ala Carnival of Brazil to be happy. Everyone feel sanook mak mak to the highest level locals and foreigners alike.

I had fun making unwary or unprepared revelers get wet with my sharp shooting, water-gun pointing skills…you can see almost uniform reaction everytime the water  go to their faces.. Ha ha ha! How naughty could I get. But the best part is that no one gets mad or irritated.  Everyone who goes there are well prepared to get wet even with ice-cold water.

Hunger will never be a problem cos there are lots of food kiosks that line the busy street as well as bars that sell cheap beer and alcohol. We tried the Cocktail on Wheels and ordered Kamikaze. Apparently, Margarita was served and the alcohol content was so strong, it makes me wanna puke. Luckily as we passed by more bars, we found the ever reliable San Miguel Beer Light beer and bought 3 cans for 100 Baht which is good enough to quench our thirst and make us feel warm especially with the cold night and water dripping all over our bodies.

On the way back home, while riding a tuk tuk, the naughty me is still in the mood to finish the contents of my water gun so I forcefully poke my water gun to the passengers of the other tuk tuk who got the surprise of their lives being wet again. Ha ha ha! Unfortunately for them, since they are caught off guard it is too late to fire their water at our tuk tuk. Our driver is also so funny that he even coached us who to point our water gun at..he keeps on swerving just to avoid the water from other tuk tuk passengers. 🙂

Finally at around 2330H, I reached home..See pictures of Songkran I got from the web. (Sorry, my cam is not waterproof so I am unable to take snapshots of my Songkran experience).

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival (AP Photo)

Below is a blogger who shared Songkran do’s and don’ts as well as various activities this festival brings.


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