The Curious Case of Trina and Ted Failon

Many have written their piece, a lot has shown their sympathies to the Family of Trina and Ted Failon and unfortunately, some people also try to get their share of publicity from this unfortunate incident.

But the question is, “Is it really a simple case of suicide?” or “Is it a sensational crime unfolding in front of our eyes?” No one knows the truth just yet. I hope this case will be resolved soon minus the red tapes and opportunistic motives of some people. I feel really sorry for the family of Trina who had to endure all these publicities while they are in a time of grief. There really is a cost to fame.

I am beginning to feel that this incident will be another Nida Blanca case in the making. It became too sensationalized and dragged for so long but at the end, justice is still elusive only until the untimely death of Rod Strunk. Let’s just hope and pray that it will be over soon and the real cause of Trina’s death be known to everyone.

I just hope the time will come that we have the technology and resources to investigate cases like this same as what we usually see in CSI.

I have read some blogs sharing their piece of this story but one that caught my attention is the What-If points of one blogger.


One thought on “The Curious Case of Trina and Ted Failon

  1. I wont say “No me importa” (i dont care). A lot of speculations going on this case. Let’s give the Etong family the chance to mourn in private as nothing beats the pain brought by lossing a loved one. Btw, i love the What If …points by the other blogger though.

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