Coffee Lover turned Tea-Drinker

I am a coffee addict since time immemorial. I remembered as a child,  my Grandma used to call me “Ingkong” a term usually used to call a Grandpop or an old man.  She calls me that monicker not because I look old or am grumpy as a child but it is just very unusual for her to see a young boy prefer coffee over milk or chocolate drink for a morning or afternoon beverage.

Everyone in my family loved the way I prepare coffee. My mom and my aunts everytime they have the usual get-together at home would ask favor from me to prepare a cup of coffee for them even on a hot summer afternoon. They would also give me coffee as a souvenir from their travels within the country or abroad which I willingly accept.

Coffee Lover

When Starbucks, Figaro, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Bean and Tea leaf and all those coffee joints and kiosks became popular, these places became my instant favorite to hang out or have meetings.

One Christmas, my GF bought a big Coffe Maker for me as her Christmas Present. As I have some friends working in Starbucks I usually request ground coffee beans as a birthday present so I can brew my own coffee in the maker.

On a normal day, I usually consume 3-4 big cups of coffee. If I have in-house meetings or client calls outside, I can consume as many as 6 cups of coffee a day! The energy and kick the coffee gives me is just amazing. It helps me move faster, makes me think quicker and sharper.

I never liked Tea (except Iced Tea) before cos I find it too bitter or not as exciting as drinking coffee but just until recently. Since I got based overseas, I see many locals drink tea before, during or after meals. As I read further, I found the many health benefits of Tea and so I got curious and tried reducing my daily intake of coffee to about 2 or 3 cups a day and replaced some with hot tea.

I bought Jasmine Green Tea for a start. I heaped a tea bag in hot water and poured into my cup….indeed it tastes good and the aroma is also very nice. Then I researched more about Tea. There are many kinds of teas with different variants in aroma or flavour as well.

Hot Green Tea

Right now, I have about 4 variants of tea in my pad. I enjoy drinking a cup or two immediately after dinner. It gives a calming effect and tend to make you feel not so full even with a big meal. I learned Tea can help boost metabolism, has a good amount of anti-oxidants, prevents osteophorosis and also help lower down blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Being a meat lover, I feel tea helps cleanse my internal organs and degrease it after big heapings of meats and fats.

I still consider myself a coffee lover but tea will now be part of my everday beverage consumption.

This link highlights the benefits of Coffee and Tea. You just have to assess which beverage suits your taste and lifestyle:

Enjoy your cup of Coffee or Tea today!


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