Funny Commercials of the World

Traditionally, while watching long TV programs we tend to do our personal affairs like call of nature, doing some quick personal errands or switching to another channel during commercial breaks cos this is the only opportunity to do what we have to do without missing any scene from our favorite TV show.

However, recently TV Commercials or TVC became very unique, interesting and not to mention powerful that it can make or break a commodity or a personality.

I got interested in how different countries do their commercials. A Singaporean colleague told me that Singapore TVC’s are very serious and lack humour so I tried previewing various commercials. These Funny videos caught my attention. Hope you get entertained as well.

To every little good things in Life.  Cheers.

I don’t need a tissue, I need an underwear!

Ajinomoto Stadium Commercial

Various Outrageous Commercials

Funny Pinoy Commercials


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