(Still) Another Blogger was born!

I was told that my friend (and former colleague) who is now based in Dubai (She Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as what she requested from me…to keep her privacy in tact, lol) created her own blog here in WordPress! Hear ye! Hear Ye!

She the ever-timid, ever-refined if not uber-shy lady is now a Certified Blogger like me! (Applause! Applause!).

I have not clarified yet if she saw me as her Susan Boyle (or William Hung?) –which is the source of insipiration to many people now, the reason why she thought of having her own blog after reading some of my posts…well the pleasure is mine…at least I am able to convince other people to share their life to others through some interesting posts, anecdotes and the like.

To the normal readers/future bloggers I am able to influence by  my posts, may your tribe increase!

gee….I think I deserve a hot cup of coffe or tea from these peeps when I get to meet them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “(Still) Another Blogger was born!

  1. thank you friend for your blog and introducing me to wordpress. now i can express myself in a journal that everybody can read and (hopefully) will learn something.

    yeah we can have a cup of tea in manila during our vacation and have an ice cream (baskin) in bangkok during my vacation there.

    see you soon…

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