My New Found Career (How I wish)

Tomorrow we will have our Staff Party (sort of Company Outing) but actually not an Outing cos we don’t go out of the office but just share some dinner together and activities including raffles from our friendly neighborhood suppliers. We were supposed to go out of town, everything is settled and booked. Unfortunately, because of the recent turmoil where we feel it is best that we do not go too far and not to mention our Operations do not permit cos we operate 24/7 and business cannot stop, so we finally decided to just have the party inside the office. Anyway, it is the memory that counts…

Come May, I’ve worked in the office for 1 year now. Maybe already considered an Old staff but still new in some ways. Our Office tradition is that every Staff Party, all the newly-hired will have to perform something and show their talents. Being one of the 2 foreigners in the office, of course they want to see what I am made of…lol.

Of course the ever-jolly me consented on this sort of dare. I actually had a choice not to perform being a senior in the office but I decided anyway this party is just once a year and might as well showcase to everyone my so-called talent so I obliged.

The new staff were grouped into 2 and my team decided to dance 1 modern number an 1 traditional dance. Immediately after, the most sought-after performance will take place..That is my Solo Performance. Ha ha ha!

My team finalized the concept last night and practiced today. I will be singing a Filipino song cos they find it something new and unique and they want tohear the way we sing our song..My song will have a guitar accompaniment which makes the song to be acoustic style.

It will be the first time I will be singing solo in a big group like this with all the anticipation and curiosity…Yikess!!! Now I am starting to have butterflies in my stomach. At any rate, I am also excited. Who knows, this might be a start of a new career for me..something that would really make me BIG. Well, I don’t look like Susan Boyle or William Hung but I am keeping my fingers I can be popular in the future too.


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