Never Been Kissed….

Susan Boyle

The Cat is out of the bag! So the story that Susan Boyle (the instant sensation from Britain’s Got Talent) has never been kissed isn’t true…Now she said in an interview with a British Breakfast show called GMTV that it was meant as a joke!

Susan Boyle…never been kissed? She said it should be corrected to “I’ve never stopped (kissing)”.

The blogsphere has so many comments about this development..some people saying the it was made so the show will gain more publicity, or Susan tricked everyone..

As for me whether it was a trick or just a simple case of misinterpretation of her joke, I can never deny that Susan Boyle’s Got Talent. Without those stories, for sure she will still gain attention because of her voice quality not to mention her looks is something that we don’t normally see get noticed in Talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and the like.

I just wish Susan will do her own cover of Don’t Cha by Pussy Cat Dolls…Let’s see how she move her “curves” to the beat of the song…:P


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