Swine flu, what say you?

The world seems in panic due to the escalating cases of influenza caused by a new strain of virus believed to have come from swine but now is being passed from human to human. Epicenter is in Mexico and several cases of swine flu infection were reported in the US, New Zealand, France, Israel, Spain, UK and Canada. Many countries stepped up surveillance in borders as well as airports especially for flights coming from Mexico. At this stage, it seems the world is in for another BIG thing even if the global economic recession has not bade its good bye..economies of many countries continue to sink with stock markets not too upbeat at this time.

Many restaurants, bars, cinemas, schools, museums and churches in Mexico were closed and business were literally put to a halt in some parts to avoid spreading the virus further. This outbreak is expected to give tourism and airline industry a big blow and on a global scale. Tourism industry has always been very volatile and any incident that causes security, safety or health risk always puts this industry on the downturn.

The spread is inevitable…but what we citizens of the world, must do to prevent it to become a global pandemic? Many experts say there are simple preventive steps to safeguard our health against these risks. It includes washing hands frequently using warm water and mild soap or alcohol-based sanitizer, covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing by using a tissue paper and throwing it out immediately after use, avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth, avoiding crowded places, eating nutritious foods and taking supplements to improve health. Moreover, I think it is best to avoid or limit shaking hands, hugging or kissing as we might contract or spread the virus.

Rising population and the ever-changing lifestyle of humans is tantamount to spread of diseases some of them new and unknown to modern medical science. The key to prevention is living a healthy life all the time regardless of nationality, age, gender, religion, work and so on…

What say you?


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