To Manila and Back…

08 May 2009- My flight back to Manila from Bangkok was supposedly around 12 noon. I went to the airport with 2 of my friends who generously gave their time to send me off to the airport..not sure if it is because they’ll miss me or it’s because they are soo happy to see me leaving so they can have all their ice monsters, kare-kare, mango float and the like (without me of course)..hahaha. I arrived in the airport  before 10 am. We were wondering why when we checked the flight information board, my flight indicated 2145H as the flight time. I just thought it was not updated. Anyway, we proceeded to the check-in counter of Kuwait Airways. At the check-in counter, again surprises of all surprises–there is no single staff to serve checking-in passengers. There was a short queue and all the same, they are wondering what’s happening.

Finally at around 1030H, several employees of the airline arrived in the counter and informed us that the flight was delayed. Our flight indeed will resume at 2145H since it has not reached Kuwait from Manila and again it had to go back to Manila that night.

Under these circumstances, I would have complained a lot how come no one tried to contact us prior. Apparently, they tried to contact us but at the last minute. Fortunately, they provided a room in a hotel near the airport (Miracle Hometel) with Lunch and Dinner included. Surprisingly, I never thought the hotel have very nice room. Considering it is only a Standard Room, my room is quite spacious and have a jacuzzi even! Food was good as well..I liked the Tom Yum Gung a lot even if it’s a  bit spicy for me.

We were sent back to the airport around 7:30. Upon reaching the check-in counter, we were informed the flight will be delayed–AGAIN! This time, our flight time would be 2330H. I was thinking what I would do if they announce before 2330H that the flight will be delayed again. I’ve wasted 1 full day from my very short vacation because of their flight delay! Well at least we arrived home safe.

One thing I was so worried about is my cough and cold which is getting worse. While waiting for my flight, I can feel I will be having flu because of my cough and cold (attributed to the change of weather and maybe lack of sleep due to excitement). I tried to consume as many pineapple juice, water and vitamin c tablets as I can. I was afraid that when I arrived at the airport and I passed by the thermal scanner and they found out I had fever, they might associate it with the H1N1 virus and I’ll be quarantined! I want to be popular someday but I don’t wanna be popular that way…

Luckily, I didn’t have fever and I passed by the thermal scanner successfully without any hindrances! Ha ha ha!

Finally, my family was there to fetch me. I am truly happy to see them after almost 1 year of being away. I know they missed me a lot. First meal I had in Manila was of course my favorite longanisa and daing na bangus with hot brewed coffee before we head back home. The next days up until today, I was quite busy as I had to attend to several personal engagements and 1 week training.

My holiday is short so I have to maximize my time.

At any rate, it is truly great to be back home. Nothing much has changed since a year ago which made me feel as if I did not leave home at all…


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