I am now in Facebook..

There was a clamor for signing up a Facebook account among my friends to be in..Everyone says Facebook is the next big thing among social networking..What with all the hype it is getting, I definitely agree.

As of May 16, 2009- 1213 AM, I am officially in Facebook. Prior to creating my own account, I only maintain a Friendster account and my WordPress blog. Recently, I registered to Twitter. Personally, I am not a big fan of such social networking sites only because I don’t have much time to update or maintain my account after signing up. Besides, I am quite happy and contented with my existing social networking sites.

Everytime I receive a notification from a friend inviting me to join Facebook, WAYN, myspace, and the likes, I just send these mails straight into my trash folder.

You may ask what finally made me convinced to sign up in Facebook after long contemplation…well first, everyone is there so I should also be seen to be updated with what’s going on with my friends and former classmates or colleagues. I find it very useful especially since I am based overseas and don’t have much opportunity to catch up with them…second is that I find facebook very interactive with all those unique applications, quizzes and videos you can view and include in your profile. Lastly, it’s one way of promoting my blog into my Facebook account because I get to paste my blog’s URL into my Facebook profile. So it’s like hitting 2 birds in 1 stone right?

So if you get to see me in Facebook, don’t be too surprised. I just joined the bandwagon. :p

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