leaving home soon…

today i started packing some of my things as I may not have time to properly pack the things I need to bring out after my very short holiday back home..seems time is moving so fast. surely there are some friends whom i may not have visited or set appointments to meet up because of the very tight schedule wherein I had to juggle some personal appointments with official business affairs. Talk about working during a supposed holiday. No regret though cos it really is part of the job. You need to stay connected to know what’s going on otherwise, it will be like being on your first day of work again once the holiday is over…

Anyway, to all my friends and relatives whom I am unable to see and catch up during my trip back home, I am really sorry. I hope to make it up with all of you next time or if you have the opportunity to fly and visit me, I will be very pleased to be your guide. Just don’t forget to bring all those Pinoy stuffs when you visit huh?

Talking about the Pinoy stuffs, I need to be loaded with a year’s supply of these items as they tend to either be unavailable overseas or the cost is double if not triple than the cost here in Manila. I made a run down of all the items I will be bringing–here it goes…

1.) Barrio Fiesta Bagoong/Alamang
2.) Sinigang Mix
3.) Kare-Kare Mix
4.) Pancit Palabok Mix
5.) Ginisa Mix
6.) Pancit Canton
7.) Liver Spread
8.) Purefoods Corned Beef
9.) Boy Bawang
10.) Corn Bits
11.) Daing na Bangus
12.) Silver Swan Soy Sauce
13.) various spices and Herbs
14.) Sky Flakes
15.) Chippy
16.) Mr. Chips
17.) Biogesic and other medicines

and many many more items. I am actually worried cos the customs might think I will be selling all these items abroad. hahaha! Just kidding. Well, actually not a bad idea considering the demnd is high for these products overseas. However, the things I will be bringing is not for public consumption but just for me and my friends to share. 🙂

In a few day’s time I will be leaving home soon for another journey to a foreign land I tagged as my 2nd home…surely I will miss my family, loved ones and friends but I know I will be fine..besides I will be back a year from now or maybe shorter if God permits..


One thought on “leaving home soon…

  1. demanding ah,. LOL leaving home months from now. I’m gonna be awfully sad thinking about leaving my home where I met the One. naks! haha

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