A Question of Dignity because of a Doctor’s Perversity

The Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video scandal is hugging the news lately. The supposed private affair of these two celebrities became literally out in the open with copies of the video spreading in the internet as well as the sidewalks faster than the deadly A H1N1 virus.

There are mixed reactions from bloggers and the general public about this issue. Some say it is the Karma of Katrina, Maricar Reyes and all the ladies involved in the illicit affair with the Doctor because they know that during that time, Hayden is so much attached to Dr. Vicki Belo which Katrina acknowledged this fact in some interviews. Unfortunately, she got more than what she asked for.

However, the underlying issue here is about keeping the dignity of these persons (ladies for that matter). Yes, they got involved with this guy (read as: Pervert) without thinking of the possible repercussions of the act but this fact is not enough a basis to spread out the “escapades” in public. Whoever loaded these videos in the internet has only one purpose, that is to destroy the dignity and reputation of the people involved. The Doctor claimed he is not responsible for this act as the laptop where all the videos were stored were no longer in his possession but the more pressing question is “Why take video of the sexual act in the first place?” It seems the ladies involved don’t know they are being filmed. Talk about the perverse habit of a supposed educated, refined and intelligent man.

Prior to these issues, Hayden Kho has a promising career even without Vicki Belo on his side. Now, all these aspirations will surely go down the drain…

As for Katrina and the other ladies, yes they were victimized. Surely they are bruised, laughed upon and insulted. How they will bring their dignity and self-respect back is the big question mark at this point in their lives. On a positive note, the public tend to forget easily…though the damage has been done, people will forget it soon.. When another issue pop-out, they will no longer remember that one day, they saw these ladies in a very compromising act in a Hayden (read as: hidden) video cam.

Fame really has a precious price to pay…tsk, tsk, tsk..


2 thoughts on “A Question of Dignity because of a Doctor’s Perversity

  1. hayden kho has no fucking privilege to live in this country, our beloved philippines. even katrina halili does not deserve to be called a filipina. what happened to all the advice of the parents,teachers,the clergy, the government? all of the good things that should be learned about morality is gone down the drain because it was all sucked up in the fucking system of perversity. there is no sinner or saint when it comes to defining mores but in this land, our philippines,the excellent moral standards were set by the elders who knew the value of being a native of this land.it is regarded before that every part of the human body is sacred and the display of it to the naked eyes of anybody means a sacrilege.once the eyes of an individual feasts on the nakedness of somebody it can provoke earthly feelings such as lust,envy,etc.some would say that it’s for the sake of art i agree but in different circumstances but in the rate perversity sucks up all of it victims well it’s high time now, that we make must make our move.
    a woman with dignity without any literacy or
    a woman of beauty but full of perversity.
    a man in ragged clothes but industrious or
    a man of study but the king of lust.

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