The Curious Case of Trina and Ted Failon (Conclusion)

Now it can be told, Trina Etong (Failon) was not murdered. She committed suicide as what the forensic experts and NBI have concluded.

“After perusal of testimonial evidence and conscientious evaluation of the results, recommendations and conclusions of the criminologists, working as a team, as regards to their investigative, technical, scientific, medical, and psychiatric analysis, [the NBI] thereby concludes that Trinidad Arteche-Etong indeed committed suicide,” NBI Director Nelson Mantaring said in a press conference at the bureau’s headquarters in Manila.

With this development, the Etong family can finally put to rest all speculations that there was foul play on the death of the matriarch and they can move on with their lives especially Ted Failon who took many blows and had to defend himself unnecessarily because of the untimely death of his wife.


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