Caught by surprise and don’t know how to reply…

Last night my nieces and nephew visited us at home after they went on a stroll in the mall with their dad (my brother). While I was having dinner, my niece approached me and asked me “Are you back in the Philippines for good or just for a short time?” I told her just a short time and I am actually flying out on Sunday (tomorrow). She asked me again, “When are you coming back home for good?”  Honestly, I was caught by surprise with her question and I realized I have not thought of the answer to that question- just yet. Then I answered her in full honesty “Baby, I don’t know yet”.  She was her usual self which is a curious little girl so she asked me anothe question “So it means you will be back here again May 08 of next year?”. I answered the affirmative.

Because of her constant prodding, I asked back Why, if I leave- will you miss me?”. She replied: “Yes, I’m gonna miss you”. Her answer again caught me by surprise and I don’t really know how to react. I was definitely touched by her affection considering her age. I know she was telling the truth because before I came home, my mom said the kids kept on calling to ask if I arrived already and they are very excited to see me.

I have to admit, I never thought I also missed them this much considering I was away for only a year and I was kinda busy with my work anyway. Since I don’t have a kid of my own yet, I make it a point to always give them something (toy, snack, clothes, etc.) whenever I could when I was still working in our country.

At times, they tend to be so obnoxious and would try to take hold of your laptop to either play games, watch a movie or draw something even if you told them you  are busy with work and they should play elsewhere. I realized time flies so fast. Now, they are all in pre-school and are actually top of their class and I am very proud of them. Well, I am not surprised with this fact because I believe it runs in their blood.. ha ha ha! Just kidding.

To kelsey, hans, lexi, gaby and carl- your tito will miss all of you. please be good and I will see you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Caught by surprise and don’t know how to reply…

  1. Ohhh, you’ll be flying tomorrow and we’ll be leaving behind your pamangkins, definitely they’ll gonna miss you – you seems to be a Big Brother to them. I’m sure you’ll gonna miss them too, their kakulitan, their laughter and the innocence in their eyes.

    Saan ba ang destination country mo?

    I understand that you are having problem with KABLOGS code (maybe) because of compatibility issue with WordPress. While we are trying to resolve the problem, we will be adding your site in our KABLOGS page, however we would appreciate if you could please provide your country location. We’ll appreciate your reply on this matter. Thank you so much

    Von Voyage and God bless you and your family.

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