Farm Town Addict

I signed up a Facebook account for about 2 months now..I find it better than most of the social networking sites available because of many features that are not found in other site. What made me hooked up with Facebook even more is this application called Farm Town.

My friend and former colleague who visited Bangkok last month gave me the curiosity to try farm town. She said it is so addicting that she even named her farm “Pangalawang Career” or her “2nd Profession”.  Since I received some Farm Town Gift Request like trees or animals, I went into the farm and rolled up my sleeves and virtually became a  Farmer. It started with a few coins allotted to you then you have to work hard to get more coins so you can buy seeds to grow and eventually harvest. Having many friends who are into farm town is also an advantage cos  you can request from them gifts or even the “privilege” for you to harvest their crops so you can earn coins.

Another very popular Facebook apps is Restaurant City which I also get lured by my former colleagues. However, I find Farm Town more entertaining because you have to really work hard to earn coins and experience..Gaining experience would give you the privilege to buy crops, flowers, trees, fences and other accessories that can normally be found in a farm. Working hard means you have to plow your farm, plant seeds and wait for it to be ready for harvest. Working hard also means you need to work in another farm so you can earn additional coins.

Whats also very cool about Farm Town is you can add neighbors and buddies from any part of the world..How? If you got hired or you hire someone that you don’t personally know and they want to make friends with you or have another opportunity to harvest, then it will open doors for Online Friendship..and who knows, an opportunity for a romantic relationship for some…

Farm Town also has a Chat feature wherein you can chat with your friends, neighbors or just about anybody using Farm Town if you are in the Marketplace, The Inn or Realty Office. Marketplace is the venue to sell your harvest or to get that very elusive job of harvesting crops from another farm. The Marketplace is literally like a real market because you can see many people begging (Online read as: Shouting) for job. Those farmers looking for job have different gimmicks..You would read many tactics like:

“Have 5 year old kid who has not eaten anything and now is very hungry. Pls hire me so I can have coins”

” Need to buy a house, please Hire me”

” No job is too small or too big.. I can do any kind of harvest”

“Hire me! Hire me!”

“I got sun burned waiting for a job here in the marketplace. Pls hire me”

Some more funny pick-up lines with naughty undertones…

“I am hardworking. Can do any job”

“Cropstitute for hire”

Of course it is in the Marketplace where you can sell your harvested crops or gifts received from Farm Town friends.
The Inn is like the watering hole for all Farm Town addicts. The mood here is lighter with many people trying to fool around and relax. The Realty Office on the other hand  is where you can buy lots to upgrade your Farm size.


Talking about being a Farm Town addict, I was able to influence many people to try this application and true enough, all of them got addicted as well. The Farm Town virus is spreading as fast as A H1n1 the reason why sometimes the connection is very slow for this application.

As for my Farm, I am very proud to show you my Online Masterpiece which took me about 2 weeks to reach level 26 and have the biggest Farm size available in that game. I spent many days sleeping very late at night and waking up early in the morning to take care of my crops so it will not get dry or go to waste..I believe all Farm Town addict share the same feeling and is doing the same thing. I even saw one shout out of my Facebook friend saying it is already giving her low blood pressure and insomnia but she is still doing it for the sake of fun. Ha ha ha! My level continues to rise because of constant hardwork. I plan to buy a small pond and many other accessories to make my Farm have a resort-like feeling.

If you have time, pls. visit my Farm soon. You’ll not get lost cos the name is very easy to farm is called “Farm”.  😛


You will find below some links from fellow bloggers about their fondness of this Application. Farm Town Fever is really here!

An Epitaph for Michael Jackson- King of Pop

Here lies a King without a Throne,
Trying to heal the world.

He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor
His dance move is a Thriller
It makes the people Scream and think of something Bad

Here lies a Man in the Mirror, Not in the closet,
He doesn’t mind if you are Black or White
He just can’t stop loving you

Here lies a king without a throne
Bidding the world goodbye
At 50..

UPlift your spirits with the movie UP

Last Saturday, I watched the animated film UP with 10 of my Filipino friends (all but 1 are adults!). Since most of us have seen a movie or two of the ones that are currently showing in the Cinemas, we decided to watch UP. After a very sumptuous Pizza, Chicken and Pasta dinner (60% of which was subsidized by Mr. Mel- a recent birthday celebrator), we trooped to the Movie house.

It was my first time to watch a movie in the Enigma movie house of Siam Paragon Mall and I was quite impressed with the interiors of the cinema. It is very spacious, there were couple seats available the normal seats are also quite comfortable and there is a very big leg room which is a lot bigger than that of an economy flight.

There was a short film titled “Partly Cloudy” about a stork’s adventures and misadventures in his baby delivery task. Most of the babies that he delivers are quite odd and extraordinary from a Baby Alligator, Porcupine, Ram, etc. the reason why at some point he envied other storks being asked to deliver normal baby human beings or cuddly animals. The hardships and obstacles that he faced almost made him switch to another Cloud giving cute and harmless creatures. At the end of the story, friendship and loyalty prevailed and the stork decided to remain the ever reliable baby delivery bird of his cloud. I must admit the story as short as it is, was quite entertaining and gave us some lessons in life to ponder especially valuing friendship and loyalty.

Now, going back to the movie UP….UP is not as big or highly anticipated as the other Pixar Movies such as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles or Finding Nemo but is equally entertaining in all aspects.

It is about a story of Mr. Carl Fredricksen and his faithfulness and undying love for his wife, Ellie who dreamt as a child to build a house beside the Paradise Falls in South America. Ellie died without realizing this dream because of various unexpected events in their lives that always put their travel plans (and budget) to a complete stop. After Ellie’s death, Carl lived alone in their humble house which he did everything to keep it in its original spot despite urbanization of the community and the pressure from the developers. One incident wherein he accidentally hurt a worker left him with no choice but to be sent to a retirement home. With this unexpected twist he was able to put into fruition the dream her wife wished to happen in her lifetime–that is to travel to South America. With him in this unexpected journey is the obnoxious boy named Russell who got stucked with him just because of the boy’s desire to complete his Wilderness Explorer badge the last of which is to help an elderly.

On their way to South America, they encountered many unexpected events and met some creatures like the colorful and exotic tropical bird Kevin, the speaking dog named Dug and the legendary explorer Charles Muntz which the couple actually idolized. Muntz was the toast of the town with his exploration until everyone thought he was a fraud for bringing back a skeleton of the bird (same species as Kevin) which scientists feel is a faked evidence. Later on when Muntz realized Carl and Russell has the information about the whereabouts of the bird, his welcoming gesture as their host turned into a deadly and sinister motive- that is to capture the bird alive at all cost so he can reclaim his reputation back.

The plot of the story is quite simple but the underlying lessons this movie brought to the audience is something worthy to write about. It showed a good example of a faithful and unassuming love; the importance of keeping relationships despite burdens and obstacles and proving that ill motives will definitely not succeed.

At the end of the movie, Me, my friends and I am sure all the audience in that movie house feel good and our spirits are high.

Overall, I am giving this movie a Thumbs UP!

Anything for Love

Last Sunday, I went to the Christening of my godson, Matt Justin. It was held in Holy Redeemer Church on a scorching hot afternoon. After the ceremony, we all troop to the reception area –the very luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok located at the banks of Chao Phraya River.

It was actually a dual celebration. Apart from Justin’s Baptism, it was the family’s only little girl, Claire (Justin’s sister) celebrating her 7th Birthday on that day. Traditionally speaking, the 7th birthday of a child is always celebrated in a somewhat grand style because it symbolizes that upon reaching that age, the child has more or less a mind of its own and starting his or her early years of schooling.

The affair was an intimate one attended by approximately 30 guests mostly relatives, family friends and colleagues of Mike and Sharon- the very proud parents that day.

The kids in attendance was a great sight to see as they put on princes and princesses costumes like in a mini dance ball. They walked inside the room in pairs and its so nice to see babies as young as probably 2 years old actually enjoying what they are doing.

Then the fairest of them all entered the room. It’s Claire dressed in a Pink Gown with a tiara in her head and a rose in her hand.

The programme continued with the kids strutting their stuff out as they danced to everyone’s delight. Really, kids these days are so full of talent.

While we eat a sumptuous buffet lunch, Mike flashed a slide presentation in the LCD screen of Claire since she was a baby, highlighting all the places that the family had been to as well as the memorable events they shared with friends. Maybe they realized time really flew so fast.

Then there were games and numerous photo opportunities and a lot of drinking!

It was indeed a memorable event especially for Claire. As I head back home, I realized a parent would really go all out just to make their kids happy-and at all cost. I mean, hosting a party in a 5 Star Hotel would eat up a big sum of money. Apart from that, everyone in their family really prepared with all the costumes, dance number and presentations days before the event. Despite all these, at the end of the day if their objectives are met- that is making their children happy and satisfied then all the troubles and cost-cutting is nothing.

I am now thinking what kind of a Dad would I become? I know this title entails a great responsibility. If and when that time comes, I know I would be a good one. I’ve been a good son (as far as my standards are concerned, ha ha ha!) so I know I will be a great Dad soon!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Seems politics is everywhere….

Everyone is into politics. Either you are considered the “Politician” or just a plain “constituent”. Politics is a dirty arena. Many try to bite each other, build alliances or destroy a person. Politics is the community, workplace, congregation, academe and sometimes even at home.

Politicking involves gaining or destroying power, fruition or pitfall of dreams and aspirations and making or breaking relationships. Many “Politicos” would try to gain influence so they can have greater power for their own interests while the poor “constituents” suffer. Many “Politicos” would appear to be suave, well-mannered and kind. Once the “poor constituents” bite into this scheme, they fall in a bottomless pit. Getting into politics means “survival of the fittest”. If you are strong enough, you can carry on. If you are a weakling there are only two options for you to consider: be persuaded or dissuaded.

Everyone has been into politics..a lot would love to be in politics while some needs an escape. As for me, I had enough of politics but I will never be swayed.

Food for the Rainy Days…

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days and with the dreaded A H1N1 virus still a global health threat, it is best to have extra protection during rainy days. Pocket rain coats, umbrellas, sweaters and jackets is a necessity during this wet months not to mention ointments, cold rubs and paracetamol comes in handy.

Rainy season brings cold weather and temperatures tend to drop especially on elevated places. The best way to enjoy this season is to eat our favorite foods for the rainy days. Here are my personal favorites:

1.) Goto + Tokwa’t Baboy-

Luckily, the threat of the dreaded Hepatitis B virus is no longer a main concern for me since I can enjoy a bowl of this delicious porridge from Goto King which is relatively clean and great tasting. Goto will never be complete without Tokwa’t Baboy. The crispy fried tofu dipped in a sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar adds up to the mouth-watering experience of eating Goto.


2.) Chicken Mami-Tasty chicken bits…fresh vegetable blanched in boiling water to maintain its crispness. Egg noodle cooked perfectly. Then hot chicken stock is poured. Nothing tastes better than a hot bowl of our favorite Chicken Mami..truly mouthwatering! Chicken Mami in Chowking is ok but you have to try my very own chicken mami..:)

chicken mami

3.) Chicken Sopas- If there is one food fit for the rainy days that is soo tasty and equally nutritious, it is definitely the Chicken Sopas. With all the vegetables, protein from chicken and calcium from milk, it is definitely a power soup.  I love eating it either boiling hot or just lukewarm. Of course, nothing beats my mom’s Sopas which is the best tasting Sopas for me, btw. He he.


4.) La Paz Batchoy- When I went to Iloilo few years back, I really find time to taste their very famous La Paz Batchoy. I did not regret it at all. First, the price of a bowl of La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo is relatively cheaper than in Manila and there are several selections from Special, Super Special, Extra Super, etc. Definitely this dish is SPECIAL what with all the mix of ingredients, you will not ask for more.

The best tasting La Paz Batchoy I tried is Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy. Try it and judge for yourself. They have many branches in the Metro. I hope the owner give’s me a free bowl of Batchoy when I return home because of this free advertisement in my blog. Lol.  Indeed this is a great Rainy Day comfort food.

la paz batchoy

5.) Champorado’t Tuyo- The list of Rainy Day comfort food will not be complete without the ever so popular Champorado with Tuyo.  Rich cocoa powder makes this food have the characteristic bittersweet taste that is why this dish is not complete without fried tuyo which is a little bit salty to complement the overall taste.

champorado and tuyo

Take your pick and grab a steaming bowl of these HOT noodle or rice soup now.

Air France Flight 447 bound to Paris carrying 228 people is missing…

SAO PAULO (AP) — A missing Air France jet carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris ran into a tower of thunderstorms and heavy turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean, officials said Monday, fearing that all aboard were lost.

The area where the plane could have gone down was vast. Brazil’s military searched for the plane off its northeast coast, while the French military scoured the Atlantic off the West African coast near the Cape Verde Islands.

Chief Air France spokesman Francois Brousse said “it is possible” the plane was hit by lightning, but aviation experts expressed doubt that a bolt of lightning was enough to bring the plane down.

Air France Flight 447, a 4-year-old Airbus A330, left Rio on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. local time (2230 GMT, 6:30 p.m. EDT) with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board, said company spokeswoman Brigitte Barrand.

The plane left Brazil radar contact, past the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, about three hours later (10:48 Brazil time, 0148 GMT, 9:48 p.m. EDT), indicating it was flying normally at 35,000 feet (10,670 meters) and traveling at 522 mph (840 kph).

About a half-hour after that, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems while going through strong turbulence, Air France said.

The plane “crossed through a thunderous zone with strong turbulence” at 0200 GMT Monday (10 p.m. EDT Sunday) and an automatic message was received fourteen minutes later reporting electrical failure and a loss of cabin pressure.

That was the last communication sent from the plane, when it was about 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of the Cape Verde Islands, according to the Brazilian Air Force.

full story in this link:


Blogger’s note:

I have been to many places already but I still have some fears in flying simply because it always crosses my mind of the possibility of a plane crash due to unforeseen circumstances. Figures have always proved that flying or air transport is the safest form of transportation which I believe is true. But it’s also true that accidents can happen anytime and mostly unexpected. That is why every time I fly, I always say a silent prayer for God to protect us and keep us safe..for God to guide the Pilot so all passengers and crew will be safe. After that, I leave everything up to God…then my fears are gone.

This is really a sad breaking news. My prayers are with the family of all passengers and crew members of the Air France plane that is still missing in the Atlantic Ocean.May we soon find out update on this catastrophe so the family and relatives of everyone on board will know the real score.

God Bless Air France Flight 447.