Food for the Rainy Days…

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days and with the dreaded A H1N1 virus still a global health threat, it is best to have extra protection during rainy days. Pocket rain coats, umbrellas, sweaters and jackets is a necessity during this wet months not to mention ointments, cold rubs and paracetamol comes in handy.

Rainy season brings cold weather and temperatures tend to drop especially on elevated places. The best way to enjoy this season is to eat our favorite foods for the rainy days. Here are my personal favorites:

1.) Goto + Tokwa’t Baboy-

Luckily, the threat of the dreaded Hepatitis B virus is no longer a main concern for me since I can enjoy a bowl of this delicious porridge from Goto King which is relatively clean and great tasting. Goto will never be complete without Tokwa’t Baboy. The crispy fried tofu dipped in a sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar adds up to the mouth-watering experience of eating Goto.


2.) Chicken Mami-Tasty chicken bits…fresh vegetable blanched in boiling water to maintain its crispness. Egg noodle cooked perfectly. Then hot chicken stock is poured. Nothing tastes better than a hot bowl of our favorite Chicken Mami..truly mouthwatering! Chicken Mami in Chowking is ok but you have to try my very own chicken mami..:)

chicken mami

3.) Chicken Sopas- If there is one food fit for the rainy days that is soo tasty and equally nutritious, it is definitely the Chicken Sopas. With all the vegetables, protein from chicken and calcium from milk, it is definitely a power soup.  I love eating it either boiling hot or just lukewarm. Of course, nothing beats my mom’s Sopas which is the best tasting Sopas for me, btw. He he.


4.) La Paz Batchoy- When I went to Iloilo few years back, I really find time to taste their very famous La Paz Batchoy. I did not regret it at all. First, the price of a bowl of La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo is relatively cheaper than in Manila and there are several selections from Special, Super Special, Extra Super, etc. Definitely this dish is SPECIAL what with all the mix of ingredients, you will not ask for more.

The best tasting La Paz Batchoy I tried is Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy. Try it and judge for yourself. They have many branches in the Metro. I hope the owner give’s me a free bowl of Batchoy when I return home because of this free advertisement in my blog. Lol.  Indeed this is a great Rainy Day comfort food.

la paz batchoy

5.) Champorado’t Tuyo- The list of Rainy Day comfort food will not be complete without the ever so popular Champorado with Tuyo.  Rich cocoa powder makes this food have the characteristic bittersweet taste that is why this dish is not complete without fried tuyo which is a little bit salty to complement the overall taste.

champorado and tuyo

Take your pick and grab a steaming bowl of these HOT noodle or rice soup now.