An Epitaph for Michael Jackson- King of Pop

Here lies a King without a Throne,
Trying to heal the world.

He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor
His dance move is a Thriller
It makes the people Scream and think of something Bad

Here lies a Man in the Mirror, Not in the closet,
He doesn’t mind if you are Black or White
He just can’t stop loving you

Here lies a king without a throne
Bidding the world goodbye
At 50..

UPlift your spirits with the movie UP

Last Saturday, I watched the animated film UP with 10 of my Filipino friends (all but 1 are adults!). Since most of us have seen a movie or two of the ones that are currently showing in the Cinemas, we decided to watch UP. After a very sumptuous Pizza, Chicken and Pasta dinner (60% of which was subsidized by Mr. Mel- a recent birthday celebrator), we trooped to the Movie house.

It was my first time to watch a movie in the Enigma movie house of Siam Paragon Mall and I was quite impressed with the interiors of the cinema. It is very spacious, there were couple seats available the normal seats are also quite comfortable and there is a very big leg room which is a lot bigger than that of an economy flight.

There was a short film titled “Partly Cloudy” about a stork’s adventures and misadventures in his baby delivery task. Most of the babies that he delivers are quite odd and extraordinary from a Baby Alligator, Porcupine, Ram, etc. the reason why at some point he envied other storks being asked to deliver normal baby human beings or cuddly animals. The hardships and obstacles that he faced almost made him switch to another Cloud giving cute and harmless creatures. At the end of the story, friendship and loyalty prevailed and the stork decided to remain the ever reliable baby delivery bird of his cloud. I must admit the story as short as it is, was quite entertaining and gave us some lessons in life to ponder especially valuing friendship and loyalty.

Now, going back to the movie UP….UP is not as big or highly anticipated as the other Pixar Movies such as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles or Finding Nemo but is equally entertaining in all aspects.

It is about a story of Mr. Carl Fredricksen and his faithfulness and undying love for his wife, Ellie who dreamt as a child to build a house beside the Paradise Falls in South America. Ellie died without realizing this dream because of various unexpected events in their lives that always put their travel plans (and budget) to a complete stop. After Ellie’s death, Carl lived alone in their humble house which he did everything to keep it in its original spot despite urbanization of the community and the pressure from the developers. One incident wherein he accidentally hurt a worker left him with no choice but to be sent to a retirement home. With this unexpected twist he was able to put into fruition the dream her wife wished to happen in her lifetime–that is to travel to South America. With him in this unexpected journey is the obnoxious boy named Russell who got stucked with him just because of the boy’s desire to complete his Wilderness Explorer badge the last of which is to help an elderly.

On their way to South America, they encountered many unexpected events and met some creatures like the colorful and exotic tropical bird Kevin, the speaking dog named Dug and the legendary explorer Charles Muntz which the couple actually idolized. Muntz was the toast of the town with his exploration until everyone thought he was a fraud for bringing back a skeleton of the bird (same species as Kevin) which scientists feel is a faked evidence. Later on when Muntz realized Carl and Russell has the information about the whereabouts of the bird, his welcoming gesture as their host turned into a deadly and sinister motive- that is to capture the bird alive at all cost so he can reclaim his reputation back.

The plot of the story is quite simple but the underlying lessons this movie brought to the audience is something worthy to write about. It showed a good example of a faithful and unassuming love; the importance of keeping relationships despite burdens and obstacles and proving that ill motives will definitely not succeed.

At the end of the movie, Me, my friends and I am sure all the audience in that movie house feel good and our spirits are high.

Overall, I am giving this movie a Thumbs UP!