Farm Town Addict

I signed up a Facebook account for about 2 months now..I find it better than most of the social networking sites available because of many features that are not found in other site. What made me hooked up with Facebook even more is this application called Farm Town.

My friend and former colleague who visited Bangkok last month gave me the curiosity to try farm town. She said it is so addicting that she even named her farm “Pangalawang Career” or her “2nd Profession”.  Since I received some Farm Town Gift Request like trees or animals, I went into the farm and rolled up my sleeves and virtually became a  Farmer. It started with a few coins allotted to you then you have to work hard to get more coins so you can buy seeds to grow and eventually harvest. Having many friends who are into farm town is also an advantage cos  you can request from them gifts or even the “privilege” for you to harvest their crops so you can earn coins.

Another very popular Facebook apps is Restaurant City which I also get lured by my former colleagues. However, I find Farm Town more entertaining because you have to really work hard to earn coins and experience..Gaining experience would give you the privilege to buy crops, flowers, trees, fences and other accessories that can normally be found in a farm. Working hard means you have to plow your farm, plant seeds and wait for it to be ready for harvest. Working hard also means you need to work in another farm so you can earn additional coins.

Whats also very cool about Farm Town is you can add neighbors and buddies from any part of the world..How? If you got hired or you hire someone that you don’t personally know and they want to make friends with you or have another opportunity to harvest, then it will open doors for Online Friendship..and who knows, an opportunity for a romantic relationship for some…

Farm Town also has a Chat feature wherein you can chat with your friends, neighbors or just about anybody using Farm Town if you are in the Marketplace, The Inn or Realty Office. Marketplace is the venue to sell your harvest or to get that very elusive job of harvesting crops from another farm. The Marketplace is literally like a real market because you can see many people begging (Online read as: Shouting) for job. Those farmers looking for job have different gimmicks..You would read many tactics like:

“Have 5 year old kid who has not eaten anything and now is very hungry. Pls hire me so I can have coins”

” Need to buy a house, please Hire me”

” No job is too small or too big.. I can do any kind of harvest”

“Hire me! Hire me!”

“I got sun burned waiting for a job here in the marketplace. Pls hire me”

Some more funny pick-up lines with naughty undertones…

“I am hardworking. Can do any job”

“Cropstitute for hire”

Of course it is in the Marketplace where you can sell your harvested crops or gifts received from Farm Town friends.
The Inn is like the watering hole for all Farm Town addicts. The mood here is lighter with many people trying to fool around and relax. The Realty Office on the other hand  is where you can buy lots to upgrade your Farm size.


Talking about being a Farm Town addict, I was able to influence many people to try this application and true enough, all of them got addicted as well. The Farm Town virus is spreading as fast as A H1n1 the reason why sometimes the connection is very slow for this application.

As for my Farm, I am very proud to show you my Online Masterpiece which took me about 2 weeks to reach level 26 and have the biggest Farm size available in that game. I spent many days sleeping very late at night and waking up early in the morning to take care of my crops so it will not get dry or go to waste..I believe all Farm Town addict share the same feeling and is doing the same thing. I even saw one shout out of my Facebook friend saying it is already giving her low blood pressure and insomnia but she is still doing it for the sake of fun. Ha ha ha! My level continues to rise because of constant hardwork. I plan to buy a small pond and many other accessories to make my Farm have a resort-like feeling.

If you have time, pls. visit my Farm soon. You’ll not get lost cos the name is very easy to farm is called “Farm”.  😛


You will find below some links from fellow bloggers about their fondness of this Application. Farm Town Fever is really here!