Signs of being a Farm Town Addict

I had a post earlier where I confessed being a Farm Town Addict. Farm Town as many of us know is the very popular Facebook App wherein you get to build your own farm, plant and harvest fruits and crops and meet and make new friends.

As the fanatics of Farm Town grows day by day, many are saying this is just a fad and the Farm Town fever will die down eventually, perhaps  in a month or two. Well of course there are many peaks and valleys but as they say, savor it while it lasts.

Anyway,  thinking further–in every addiction there are manifestations..some show peculiar behavior while some are playing it cool but their lifestyle is gradually changing. The important point is for us fanatics to know when to stop once we realized we’re too hooked up. If it is doing us more harm than good then there should be no other choice but to drop this hobby like a hot potato.

So you may ask me, what are the signs of being a Farm Town Addict? Let me enumerate as best as I can..this is considering my personal experience and that of my friends and virtual neighbors:

1.) Sleeping late at night and waking up early- By criteria, waking up early is a good sign since we do not have to rush to the office and can relax a little bit or exercise. But Sleeping late at night because one has to plow and plant his/her field or harvest his/her or somebody else’s crops then waking up early in the morning for fear of their crops going to waste because it was not harvested in time is the most common sign of Farm Town Addiction. This manifestation is normally true for neophyte farmers because mostly they are only able to plant grapes seeds which is ready to be harvested in 4 hours time. With such short span of time, you cannot afford to sleep lengthy otherwise, your crops will be dried (like raisins) if not harvested the soonest. As your Farm Town level reaches up, you can plant crops which takes between 1-4 days to harvest. Then it’s alright to sleep longer.

2.) Skip going out of the house or if it is inevitable to go out, stay out for only few hours- I remembered few weeks ago during the early days of my discovery of Farm Town, me and some friends who are into this application, while waiting for the movie to start in about 1.5 hours we remembered our Crops which may be ready to harvest at that time. We were so worried that we are thinking of renting a computer in the mall so that we can harvest our crops before the movie started.

3.) Have many new Facebook friends from all over the world- If you notice some friends who’s friends list is increasing day by day and seem like the United Nations because of various nationalities though you think these people are not know to your friend personally, chances are it is because of Farm Town. For someone to be your Farm Town neighbor, they have to be in your friends list. If they are not, then they cannot hire you often and vice versa unless you are buddies. However, buddies have limited access to your farm so most people prefer to be a neighbor rather than a buddy. So in order for someone to be your neighbor, you have to add them in your friend’s list.

4.) Hearing conversations like:

“I am saving to buy a Mansion”
“I have no more money I just buy a big lot”
” Pls. give me an Apple or a Coconut Tree”
“I got booted out”

One of my friend told me that while they were in the lift sharing such conversations, some ladies are listening to them and are laughing silently. Seems they are also into Farm Town and share the same sentiments.

If you know some more tell-tale signs of Farm Town addiction, please send me a message so I can add to this list. Only downside of having many Farm Town fanatics is that the connection to this application is very slow these days. It takes more than 5 minutes to load a big farm which before is less than 30 sec.

So calling the makers of Farm Town, please upgrade your server for all the Farmer’s enjoyment.

6 thoughts on “Signs of being a Farm Town Addict

  1. I walked out on Farm Town when I realised I had planted strawberries, wheat and rice and had forgotten I had real seed potatoes, onion sets and garlic in the garage that I had meant to really plant out that weekend.
    Also, I am a veganic gardener in real life whereas Farm Town has a lot of animal products and use that I would normally be against.
    Also, is it really about farming any more? Dance Studios, Car Showrooms, Hotels? C’mon.
    I’m going back to the earth – the real earth; life’s too short.

  2. I can’t get my facebook to come up but all my other applications are in working order. Farm Town says that the address is incorrect but it is the only address I have used to reach it.

  3. I have to admit I’m totally addicted to farm town, cannot wait to finsh work at 10pm to get home to my farm and all those wonderful farmers

  4. I am a true addict. I can’t go anywhere anymore and when I do sleep, I farm in my dreams. I finished my first farm and it made Louie’s “Coolest Farm Town Designs” and you would have thought I had won an academy award. Help, I’ve started another one…..

  5. I’ve found myself thinking about what crops to plant in the last few hours before I go to work that will be ready to harvest when I get home. “I’ll be at work all night. Should I plant some strawberries or maybe potatoes and tomatoes?”

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