Farm Town courtesies

Indeed Farm Town is the talk of the Facebook Town. More and more people got hooked up with this application. As many people become fanatics, you get to meet many farm town neighbors and buddies which may hire you for a harvest or plowing  job and vice versa. Though Farm town is just a computer application game, the following are recommended courtesies to ensure happy and healthy Farm Town relationship between your neighbors and buddies:

1. Returning the favor- If you are hired to harvest a crops or trees or are being sent gifts by generous neighbors or buddies, it is just proper to return the favor– that is sending gifts or giving them the opportunity to be hired for harvest or plowing job by you. Of course, you are not obligated to do so but if you are kind enough to return a favor, surely these neighbors and buddies will be delighted to be given the opportunity to earn coins or XP or even receive some daily gifts from you.

2. Do not flame or hurl invectives to fellow farmers- I noticed many people in the market place are asking for jobs in the effort to get some coins and XP. Maybe the manner they are asking someone to hire them is irritating to some which may sound as begging that is why many users also try to give unkind words or name-calling to fellow Farm Town users which is not a good attitude. The Market place is the place to sell crops, find a job or hire someone. If you feel someone is quite irritating on their style of asking job then I think the most proper way is just to keep quiet and just do what you are supposed to do in the marketplace that is– either sell your crops, find a job or hire someone. Flaming another person maybe easy for some since you are not seen personally anyway and it is just a virtual world but let us keep in mind the main purpose of our being into Farm Town is for Entertainment.

3. Saying thank you- There are many occasions wherein after hiring someone either in the Marketplace or from the neighbor or buddy list, after finishing the job- the “Lucky” person just jump out of the farm without the courtesy of even thanking the one who hired them considering he/she was considered for the job despite many people could be in his/her shoes. Of course, earning coins and XP are just virtual thing and cannot be deposited in the bank or cannot be put in one’s resume but saying thank you is free anyway and do not require much effort so it is but proper to say Thank you whenever you can.

Just like in the real world, the virtual world should be played by us real human beings with courtesy.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This morning me and 2 of my friends watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Siam Paragon IMAX Theatre. This was actually a special screening conducted by some Thai-Japanese companies to help some disabled people. Proceeds of the ticket sales will be donated to charity so actually it served 2 purpose for us moviegoers..that is to be entertained and to help those in need.

The IMAX Theatre of Siam Paragon is very impressive with very wide and high screen not to mention it is very spacious. Since I had anticipated the movie version of this Harry Potter book for the longest time, watching it in an IMAX Theatre made my excitement double.

The only discomfort is actually wearing face mask the whole time while in the movie house. At the entrace of the cinema they distributed face masks together with 3D glasses for the protection of the moviegoing public which is appreciated since they also keep the health safety of their moviegoers.

The movie started with Harry in the muggle world but was fetched by Professor Dumbledore before the Hogwarts Headmaster went to persuade Professor Slughorn to be the potions teacher in Hogwarts and eventually become Harry’s Teacher. It turned out Professor Slughorn is a key character that could unravel some secrets to the past life of Tom Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort during his brief stint as a student of Hogwarts.

This installment of the Harry Potter series has many long conversations and less of the excellent visual effects we expect from a Harry Potter movie. However, it is not boring because it also has some touch of budding romance between Hermione and Ron (who at first seems infatuated with another Hogwarts student-Lavander Brown) and Ginny Weasley-Harry Potter. Moreover, I was really looking forward to the scene when Harry and Professor Dumbledore had to go to a cave to destroy a hidden horcrux created by Voldemort since in the book, JK Rowling successfully described the place to be very dark, eerie and full of evil enchantments and mysteries. One scene showed the many Gollum-like creatures (from Lord of the Rings)  are trying to pull Harry at the bottom of the lake. Fortunately, Professor Dumbledore rescued Harry with a spell that made his wand spew huge flames to destroy the creatures. He was like Moses when part of the water of the lake was parted into half, only it was parted with Fire.

The scene where Dumbledore was killed by Professor Snape with an Avada Kedavra spell and he dropped to the ground from the tower at Hogwarts is not as dramatic as I had expected although I noticed many people are really glued to the screen and never said a thing nor moved so maybe many of them were surprised of this development especially if they have not read the book before.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie is a few notch less exciting than the book version which is quite acceptable considering they have to squeeze a lengthy book into a 2.5 hour movie. Moreover, the book is a very good prequel to the finale of this uber popular series. Maybe another thing that made it less thrilling is it has more teen romance than the expected wizardry magic.

Ultimately, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is worthy of your time and money and its worth the wait for 2 years to see anothe Harry Potter movie.  So if you have not seen the movie, better troop to the nearest cinema soon. Just make sure you bring your own face mask just for your protection.