What should you do if the responsibility is BIGGER than you?



As a young child, I was given some more responsibility by my parents than some of my siblings even if I am a middle child.  Maybe because they think I am more matured in thinking for my age or maybe it is because I am dependable (or so I thought?) LOL.

When I studied, I cannot consider myself as an intelligent student. Just an average person though there are times I got some best in this subject or best in that subject..well maybe the most award that I get as a child in school which actually illicit laughter amongst my siblings is my being a consistent “MOST BEHAVED” student. They always teased me that maybe I am so silent that even when my teachers would call me to participate in class, I just keep my mouth shut and just wait until the school bell rang..so I can head back home.

During my College days, that was the only time I became a little bit more active in school activities. I had my share of leading a group in a class or even being a Chairman of a Committee for a project or activity organized by my class or Department.  I was even a part of a group that represented my University in the Chefs on Parade, an annual competition for Hotel and Restaurant professionals or students which we won a Bronze medal in the Inventive Buffet Table Setting category among almost 20 schools competing.  A good enough feat for us…

I guess my most cherised moment as a leader in school is when I headed my group in our Thesis about the importance of having Multi-cultural Awareness in the Hotel Industry for 3 selected hotels which we painstakingly researched and interviewed staff and handed out questoionnaires. Come the Defense, we have successfully presented our Thesis well and I even got a flat 1.0 grade in my Research class.

As I started my professional career, I never dreamt to have a big responsibility. Back then, I am ok with a routine job which after hitting the bundy clock, I don’t have to worry about problems or stresses at work. Then, I had my second job. I was hired as a Marketing Coordinator then. First week of work, I find my job too boring already and lack challenge. I was thinking then if I made a right decision to accept that job offer since I also have some applications to consider then. My boss noticed my persistence and gave me some additional responsibilities. Soon, I found myself getting involved in some special projects and finally I was promoted to Marketing Manager at the age of 23. I never realized I have such big responsibility at that young age. Well, maybe for some people, they even have GM or CEO or CFO post almost right after graduation. That is an exceptional case. Maybe, either they are too brilliant or their family owns the company.  But for an average person like me, being a head of an important department at 23 is an accomplishment but a daunting task as well. Everyday, there are so many challenges, so many problems to solve, so many thinking and analyzing which oftentimes, gives me no time for personal stuff. But personally, I find all these challenges very satisyfing if I get to solve them successfully and the outcome is what I want it to be.

Then I had another job as an Operations Manager but is equivalent to a Business Unit Head. This job is really very challenging since I had to do all the ground works. My boss which is the VP and CEO gave me the vision and framework of the Business and I had to do all details of the job including setting up standards, supplier relations, business development and all. On top of that, I was also selected to be part of the company’s in-house academy for the “chosen few” to attend a rigorous 2 year course about Management and Personal Development.

Unfortunately, I had to quit this job and the schooling for another bigger responsibility which is my current job. Offhand, I am helping to manage around 40 staff. My boss and I have gone a long way as far as improving the standards of our operations as well as business development and we will not stop there..of course we have to sensitive with the market trends and our competitors as well. At times, I find it difficult to manage an organization this size especially if some of the staff are more senior (in terms of age and maybe have more professional experience than me) but there lies the challenge.  Moreover, I cannot avoid thinking that at my age why do I have to pressure myself with a big responsibility which at times I think is even bigger than me? Why not just opt to put up my own noodle shop or coffee kiosk so the pressure is not bigger or even choose to be just an ordinary worker.

However, I feel that is not my destiny. I believe God gave me the wisdom to walk on this path cos HE knows I can handle even bigger responsibilities in life.  When I say responsibilities, it doesn’t mean only professional responsibilities but also being responsible to my family, my loved ones and all aspects of the society. If we feel the responsibility is bigger than us, just look up then we will realize we have an even Bigger God.

Making the most out of adversities…


Last night, I write in my blog that I had a full drink of Iced Tea and ironed my clothes for a week’s work. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning having fever and runny nose so I am unable to go to work. Actually, I feel I’m going to have fever since yesterday morning when I woke up. But towards lunchtime, I feel a bit better so I did my usual routine without bothering my impending flu.

Surely, independence have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, living in a foreign city with no family to take care and just few friends which have a life and work of their own as well, you will realize living alone is not totally appealing as it looks.

I checked my handphone to find the phone number of the restaurant downstairs so I can just order some decent food for breakfast, and perhaps lunch. Sadly, I cannot find it. I thought I stored it earlier and now the small paper where I wrote down the phone number is gone. Damn..

Since I have no energy to cook a full meal plus the fact that I have no food stock (which I mentioned in my post yesterday), I had no other choice but to open a can of sardines (totally unappealing and unappetizing for someone who is on the verge of catching a flu). Well, I don’t have a choice.

I opened my notebook to check e-mails and try to open Facebook for entertainment. Unfortunately (again) my internet connection is not cooperating. I tried calling the supposed call center but no answer. Well, actually even if I call I will surely get the same answer– that is their server says my connection is working well and I just need to restart my computer. If this is the standard answer they reply to all customers, I suppose they don’t need to hire a person to answer the call but just play an answering machine over and over again. Damm (again).

Seems I am really having a bad day today. Well, not for long. As I plan to have lunch, I realized I still had some okra (lady finger) in my vegetable bin which I used when I prepared pinakbet last week. What I did was boil water and pour into the thin vegetable..and walah..I got a superb lunch.

I had not eaten boiled okra dipped with shrimp paste locally known as “alamang” for I think centuries now and this is such a great way to actually enjoy lunch even when you have no appetite for food. I finished my dish full and satisfied. Indeed I am making the most out of today’s adversities.

Only thing is, I have to think (again) of a good food for dinner..damn. I hate thinking.

Biting of more than one can chew…

bite more than you can chew

After going to the gym and renting computer for 2 hours, I was so thirsty and wanted to grab something cool and refreshing to drink. Too bad I ran out of stock of Coke (which I did on purpose since it will just give me the liberty to drink cola whenever I can since I had it in my fridge anway) and the only thing that I had overflowing is coffee and tea which is not a good choice when someone feels very warm. Finally, I saw the last sachet of Nestea Fit given to me by my Aunt when I went back home last May. One sachet makes one liter so I filled up my tumbler (a liter tumbler I got for buying 30 Baht worth of Pepsi in Central Mall) and put in all the tube ice in my freezer then grabbed my Lay’s potato chips and sat on the floor eating and drinking to my hearts content while I am actually ironing my office clothes for the coming week and watching a US series.

After doing all my chores and finishing the chips and watched 4 episodes of the series, my Iced tea is still half full. I realized I made more than I can consume which is such a waste. Had I made only half of the tumbler, I still can enjoy another round of iced tea on another scorching day/night.

In life, we always want to get the most out of every situation, out of every opportunities. We tend to grab as much as we can, we tend to bite more than we can chew…until we are so full, we cannot take some more..In the professional world, this could be anything from taking a very big and high profile job even if we are not ready to take full responsibility, this could also be taking all projects given to us that we can no longer manage our time and in the end, we can only finish a mediocre product.

In a relationship, it may mean dipping one’s feet in another person’s pool just to test the water, it may also mean jumping into marriage without any preparations (financial, emotional, spiritual), it could also mean giving too much emotional investment that the other person can no longer swallow or on the contrary, the lack of emotion so the other person cannot swallow because there is no “love potion” to make it flow directly to one’s heart.

The key to all of this is moderation. Aren’t we enjoying food better if we savor the smell, chew only half a mouth’s full so we can taste all the flavors and spices rather than biting all at the same time thus, we end up in the toilet with constipation. Life also has to be lived in moderation. It is ok to be competitive or in the active mode but it is very important to know when we have to step on the break or shift gears.

The best roasted pig in the World…the Philippine Lechon

The wi-fi connection in my room is perpetually against me..as the connection is very slow.  Well, maybe one factor is that it is a Saturday today and internet traffic is usually bad during weekends. Another thing is that a heavy downpour has just finished which I noticed makes every internet connection (whether at home or in the office) and even cable tv reception intermittent if not bad.

So I headed to the internet shop downstairs. Luckily it was half empty. Maybe the kids who usually play computer games during this time just headed off home during the heavy rain. How lucky can I get..and so I thought.

The moment I opened my Facebook account, I realized it is not a good idea to rent in the Internet shop. Facebook took ages to open. Then when it opened, Farm Town is the first app that I opened (naturally). After waiting for I guess 10 minutes, it still is not opening…then I tried Restaurant City…same result. I tried all the other applications in Facebook I am using  and it’s all the same story. Really bad…

Then I remembered to open Youtube. At first I tried looking for recent Filipino Comedy films but I guess no one has uploaded the film in Youtube yet. Until I came across 1 link that states: No Reservations: Philippines Part 1 of 5..I clicked the linked and I saw a Travel show in the US hosted by Anthony Bourdain. This particular episode is about the contest they had wherein the viewers must convince Anthony to visit their Country/City to be featured in the next show.  The lucky guy who had the opportunity to be able to convince the host to visit his native cuntry is a Filipino American named Augusto who comes from Cebu but has lived most of his life in New York.

As I watched the video, I can’t really help but to salivate with all those tasty and gastronomically appealing Filipino foods featured.  All my favorite foods were featured from Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Adobo, Sisig, Pinakbet, Bulalo..I just had my dinenr but the food being featured really made me so hungry and terribly miss home especially home-cooked meals by my mom which is actually a Pampanguena, arguably the best chefs in the Philippines, Pampanga being considered as the Culinary Capital of the country.

The best part of this show is when they featured the actual roasting of the pig to become the world-famous Lechon. It really looks so good with the even-colored roasting of the pork in charcoal. When Anthony sliced a piece of the skin, you can hear the uber-crispiness of the skin. YUMMY!

As I am writing this blog post, my mouth is still watering (pun intended…LOL) I think comparable to the heavy rains that just passed.  I am supposed to watch my diet since I’ve been visitng my gym regularly these days in preparation for 2 forthcoming beach trips in the next month but probably tomorrow, I may troop to the nearest grocery store and buy some ingredients to cook my favorite Filipino food.

I guess eating my favorite Philippine delicacy is the next best thing to being close to home….

P.S. Here are the links to the Travel show..test yourself if you will not salivate just looking at these glorious foods….

Knowing one’s worth…

I was watching minutes ago the interview of Kris Aquino after she went back to her entertainment show..she was crying her heart out (again!) because she is missing her mom- the late Former President Cory Aquino. She wept even with a plain mobile phone bill which is the phone line of her mom. Cutting it means literally she will not be able to talk to her mom again..it was really a sad scene and I can feel the deep sorrow she have inside.

As I ponder deeper, I realized that you will really know someone or something’s worth if they/it is/are no longer with you or are apart from you…however I believe, it is essential for us to move on even if we lose someone or something so that we can grow.

Oftentimes, we take our loved ones for granted. We regret the fact that we have not shown them the love or attention they deserve but sadly, we realize it when it is already too late..cos they are gone.

I should have….
What if…
I should have…
What if…

Tsk..tsk..tsk..it’s too late…

My workout songs

Gym workout
Gym workout


Listening to an upbeat music is inevitable for me now especially during my gym session because the music being played in my gym is not too good and seems like a broken music player because it has been like that for ages. Moreover, a good song motivates me to move faster and finish the session in cardio machine which at times I get bored easily.

I have listed down my favorite workout songs. If you know some other good songs, please feel free to suggest so I can consider for my next gym session..

1.) Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
2.) Can you hear me- Enrique Iglesias
3.) Elevation- U2
4.) Get Busy- Sean Paul
5.) I know you want me (Calle Ocho)- Pitbull
6.) In the end- Linkin Park
7.) Krazy- Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
8.) Let me blow ya mind- Eve/Gwen Stefani
9.) Temperature- Sean Paul
10.) Numb- Linkin Park
11.) Poker Face- Lady Gaga
12.) So What- Pink
13.) Tokyo Drift (Fast and the Furious soundtrack)- Terikayi Boyz
14.) You’re gonna go far, Kid- The Offspring
15.) 4 Minutes (to save the world)- Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
16.) Lose yourself- Eminem
17.) Watch Dem Roll- Sean Paul
18.) My Love- Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.

I made it to the WordPress Headline!

Wordpress front
Wordpress front
Last night, I made a blogpost about my recent Koh Samed, Thailand trip. Today, I was surprised to see the best day as far as hits to my blog is concerned..Everytime I check my blog stat, the number of views is still increasing and there are couple of nice comments from fellow bloggers. I was wondering, did I do something good in my blog to get noticed? When I checked on the link being clicked by browsers to get to my blog, I saw wordpress.com so I wonder why is wordpress.com listed in this stat..I clicked on the link and I found out, my blog:  “Seems life is goin’ bananas” is displayed in the Front page of WordPress.com (see screenshot). Wow, after seeing this I feel really excited that finally my blog was noticed.
I still don’t know what are the criterias that WordPress has set in order for a post to be featured in their Headline but one thing is sure, being in the front page made me become more inspired to write better stories or articles to share to the blogging world through this simple blog of mine.

My Koh Samed, Thailand Trip

Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed


As an Expat, I am always fascinated with how different our culture is with Thailand even though this country is still within Southeast Asia and only 3.5 hours away from Manila. To make my working life here in the City of Angels easier, I try to adapt some of their way of living but of course this doesn’t mean I am already forgetting my Filipino roots. I guess we Filipinos adapt easily to any environment or culture for that matter. I am always trying their local food, courtesies, simple living like riding an ordinary bus, tuk tuk (their own version of tricycle) and even a motosay (a public motorcycle you hire to roam around the city faster) whenever I can.

Another thing that I would want to maximize while I am staying in a foreign land is to visit as many places as I can during my stint here. Thailand as we all know is known for very scenic spots such as beaches and mountains. So far, I have been to some places mostly within short driving distance from Bangkok like Pattaya, Hua Hin, Nakhon Nayok, Ayutthaya and the farthest would be  Koh Samui, an Island destination south of Thailand- which is an hour flight from the capital.

Last weekend though, I was fortunate to be able to visit another “up and coming” popular spot especially for Bangkokians— Koh Samed (Koh Samet).

Koh Samed, approximately 3 hours travel by land from the capital and another half an hour boat ride is the closest perfect island destination from the hustle and bustle of city living, so to speak. Koh Samed is lined with white sand beaches in most of its part. Unlike the more popular Phuket or Pattaya, Koh Samed is not as crowded but is equally charming as the 2 former spots mentioned.

The most popular beach is Sai Kaew Beach located in the eastern part of the island. It has a long stretch of white sand beach dotted with a good mix of resorts and other lodgings. The most popular bar and restaurant is Plowbar. What attracts many tourist to this joint is the nightly “Fire Dance” being performed in the beachfront to the amazement of people enjoying food and drink on tables set-up in the sand. Sad thing is that this performance is quite dangerous especially since they are literally playing with fire and what’s even worse is that most of the performers are minors (the night we watched, the youngest performer was a 12 year old boy who does this job during weekends or every school break to help the family earn income).  

The weather was perfect during our so-called holiday. Although this month until October is still considered the monsoon season, the sun is very warm. Only thing is that the sea is a bit rough even though there is no storm whatsoever. However, the boat was big enough (capacity of 70 persons) so it is more comfortable since the boat just go with the waves compared to taking the speed boat which is like taking a car passing by a very bumpy road.

We stayed in Sai Kaew Beach Resort which is the biggest resort in the island at the moment. The room is spacious and has full amenities. The resort is only a few steps away from the beach and offers complete guest amenities such as a modern swimming pool, fitness centre, souvenir shop, seaside restaurant, massage service, pastry shop called The Mango (which serves one of the best tasting dark chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake I tasted in the many hotels or restaurants I’ve visited). If you happen to be in this island, please don’t miss these delectable desserts.

We’ve visited several other resorts and my favorite is Paradee which is located in a more secluded southern part of the island. The pool villas offer not only your own private pool but also a magnificent view of the sea. The beach is literally few steps away.

Too bad our stay in this island is limited since the next day is already a working day. Fortunately, Koh Samed is very accessible from Bangkok and you need not save too much since there are many comfortable but low cost accommodation and transfers available.

Surely, I will go back to this place very soon. Hope next time it will be longer. I’m posting snapshots if this trip. Hope you enjoy.

Koh Samed, Thailand
Koh Samed, Thailand
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed


Koh Samed

Koh Samed
Koh Samed

Even Cory did not worry…

Today, August 05, 2009- former President Corazon “Cory”Aquino was laid to rest after battling Colon Cancer for a year. Thousands if not millions of Filipinos trooped to La Salle Greenhills and the Manila Cathedral to pay their last respect to Cory who many people believed to be the true symbol of Democracy for the Filipino people. Though I am not a big fan of Cory during her presidency mainly because I am still young and do not have independent mind during her reign as a President. What was inculcated in my young mind then was the public perception which I believe is more of a satirical impression of her that her detractors and political opponents made us believe–that she did nothing during her 6 year presidency except to make the market price of “Galunggong” (a local fish believed then to be the only food a poor man can afford) to be a little bit lower and to pave the way of construction of Our Lady of EDSA Shrine as well as renaming Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in commemoration of her husband, Ninoy Aquino’s heroism.

Only lately that I realized that she finished her term with a “clean slate” as far as any corruption issues are concerned which obviously many politicians nowadays have a lot of catching up to do as far as integrity and moral values are concerned. Moreover, she was the inspiration for democratic reforms not only in the Philippines but in many parts of the world. More importantly, when I watched her last interview with Jessica Soho, I admired her a lot because of her belief and confidence with the Philippines and the Filipino people in general. She thanked God for being a Filipino and she truly believe that Filipinos are really worth dying and fighting for. I trust she said it not only because she was a former president; not only because Ninoy was considered a hero but also because she is too confident about the Filipinos and our greatness as a nation.

I also like her strength and will power that even when the hands of death is trying to reach her, she did not worry about herself and her condition. She even said in that Jessica Soho interview that she cannot complain at all even though she feels that she and her family already had their share of sufferings and sacrifices. In her last days, she told her daughter Kris Aquino to thank the Filipino people for her and that she will forever be indebted with this country and her people.
Her death doesn’t mean the death of the spirit of democracy..Her death means we should all make efforts not to put all the sacrifices for the restoration of democracy to be gone to waste..it means we should remain free…to be free from dictatorship, to be free from corruption and free from selfish motives of some people. I know it’s a long way to go but we can make it happen..