Even Cory did not worry…

Today, August 05, 2009- former President Corazon “Cory”Aquino was laid to rest after battling Colon Cancer for a year. Thousands if not millions of Filipinos trooped to La Salle Greenhills and the Manila Cathedral to pay their last respect to Cory who many people believed to be the true symbol of Democracy for the Filipino people. Though I am not a big fan of Cory during her presidency mainly because I am still young and do not have independent mind during her reign as a President. What was inculcated in my young mind then was the public perception which I believe is more of a satirical impression of her that her detractors and political opponents made us believe–that she did nothing during her 6 year presidency except to make the market price of “Galunggong” (a local fish believed then to be the only food a poor man can afford) to be a little bit lower and to pave the way of construction of Our Lady of EDSA Shrine as well as renaming Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in commemoration of her husband, Ninoy Aquino’s heroism.

Only lately that I realized that she finished her term with a “clean slate” as far as any corruption issues are concerned which obviously many politicians nowadays have a lot of catching up to do as far as integrity and moral values are concerned. Moreover, she was the inspiration for democratic reforms not only in the Philippines but in many parts of the world. More importantly, when I watched her last interview with Jessica Soho, I admired her a lot because of her belief and confidence with the Philippines and the Filipino people in general. She thanked God for being a Filipino and she truly believe that Filipinos are really worth dying and fighting for. I trust she said it not only because she was a former president; not only because Ninoy was considered a hero but also because she is too confident about the Filipinos and our greatness as a nation.

I also like her strength and will power that even when the hands of death is trying to reach her, she did not worry about herself and her condition. She even said in that Jessica Soho interview that she cannot complain at all even though she feels that she and her family already had their share of sufferings and sacrifices. In her last days, she told her daughter Kris Aquino to thank the Filipino people for her and that she will forever be indebted with this country and her people.
Her death doesn’t mean the death of the spirit of democracy..Her death means we should all make efforts not to put all the sacrifices for the restoration of democracy to be gone to waste..it means we should remain free…to be free from dictatorship, to be free from corruption and free from selfish motives of some people. I know it’s a long way to go but we can make it happen..