I made it to the WordPress Headline!

Wordpress front
Wordpress front
Last night, I made a blogpost about my recent Koh Samed, Thailand trip. Today, I was surprised to see the best day as far as hits to my blog is concerned..Everytime I check my blog stat, the number of views is still increasing and there are couple of nice comments from fellow bloggers. I was wondering, did I do something good in my blog to get noticed? When I checked on the link being clicked by browsers to get to my blog, I saw wordpress.com so I wonder why is wordpress.com listed in this stat..I clicked on the link and I found out, my blog:  “Seems life is goin’ bananas” is displayed in the Front page of WordPress.com (see screenshot). Wow, after seeing this I feel really excited that finally my blog was noticed.
I still don’t know what are the criterias that WordPress has set in order for a post to be featured in their Headline but one thing is sure, being in the front page made me become more inspired to write better stories or articles to share to the blogging world through this simple blog of mine.

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