My Koh Samed, Thailand Trip

Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed


As an Expat, I am always fascinated with how different our culture is with Thailand even though this country is still within Southeast Asia and only 3.5 hours away from Manila. To make my working life here in the City of Angels easier, I try to adapt some of their way of living but of course this doesn’t mean I am already forgetting my Filipino roots. I guess we Filipinos adapt easily to any environment or culture for that matter. I am always trying their local food, courtesies, simple living like riding an ordinary bus, tuk tuk (their own version of tricycle) and even a motosay (a public motorcycle you hire to roam around the city faster) whenever I can.

Another thing that I would want to maximize while I am staying in a foreign land is to visit as many places as I can during my stint here. Thailand as we all know is known for very scenic spots such as beaches and mountains. So far, I have been to some places mostly within short driving distance from Bangkok like Pattaya, Hua Hin, Nakhon Nayok, Ayutthaya and the farthest would be  Koh Samui, an Island destination south of Thailand- which is an hour flight from the capital.

Last weekend though, I was fortunate to be able to visit another “up and coming” popular spot especially for Bangkokians— Koh Samed (Koh Samet).

Koh Samed, approximately 3 hours travel by land from the capital and another half an hour boat ride is the closest perfect island destination from the hustle and bustle of city living, so to speak. Koh Samed is lined with white sand beaches in most of its part. Unlike the more popular Phuket or Pattaya, Koh Samed is not as crowded but is equally charming as the 2 former spots mentioned.

The most popular beach is Sai Kaew Beach located in the eastern part of the island. It has a long stretch of white sand beach dotted with a good mix of resorts and other lodgings. The most popular bar and restaurant is Plowbar. What attracts many tourist to this joint is the nightly “Fire Dance” being performed in the beachfront to the amazement of people enjoying food and drink on tables set-up in the sand. Sad thing is that this performance is quite dangerous especially since they are literally playing with fire and what’s even worse is that most of the performers are minors (the night we watched, the youngest performer was a 12 year old boy who does this job during weekends or every school break to help the family earn income).  

The weather was perfect during our so-called holiday. Although this month until October is still considered the monsoon season, the sun is very warm. Only thing is that the sea is a bit rough even though there is no storm whatsoever. However, the boat was big enough (capacity of 70 persons) so it is more comfortable since the boat just go with the waves compared to taking the speed boat which is like taking a car passing by a very bumpy road.

We stayed in Sai Kaew Beach Resort which is the biggest resort in the island at the moment. The room is spacious and has full amenities. The resort is only a few steps away from the beach and offers complete guest amenities such as a modern swimming pool, fitness centre, souvenir shop, seaside restaurant, massage service, pastry shop called The Mango (which serves one of the best tasting dark chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake I tasted in the many hotels or restaurants I’ve visited). If you happen to be in this island, please don’t miss these delectable desserts.

We’ve visited several other resorts and my favorite is Paradee which is located in a more secluded southern part of the island. The pool villas offer not only your own private pool but also a magnificent view of the sea. The beach is literally few steps away.

Too bad our stay in this island is limited since the next day is already a working day. Fortunately, Koh Samed is very accessible from Bangkok and you need not save too much since there are many comfortable but low cost accommodation and transfers available.

Surely, I will go back to this place very soon. Hope next time it will be longer. I’m posting snapshots if this trip. Hope you enjoy.

Koh Samed, Thailand
Koh Samed, Thailand
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed
Koh Samed


Koh Samed

Koh Samed
Koh Samed

24 thoughts on “My Koh Samed, Thailand Trip

  1. Koh Samui Beach Resort has many exotic location. All the beaches are great because of the natural beauty of Thailand. Among the beach resort I found Nikki Beach Thailand Resort really attractive and very friendly. The room was beautiful and right on the beach and the food was awesome.

    1. thanks for the comment..I have to pardon your comment even though it is off topic since my post is about Koh Samed and not Koh Samui..anyway, I agree that Koh Samui is a great place to stay..I’ve been there before. The island is not as crowded as the other equally popular spots in Thailand like Phuket or Pattaya and Koh Samui has great beaches and lots of activities to choose from.

  2. I visited the island long time ago during my study/work at the Asian Insitutute of Technology (AIT). I remember that I took a boat from Pattaya to reach the island and there was an entrance fee that time. I dont know now. A lovely place to stay during the weekend, an alternative for Pattaya which is very crowded.

  3. Hi there,
    i randomly came acoss your blog. nice post.
    referring to some earlier comments,for those who dont know,
    Koh Samed is located in Rayong province (ok i know anyone can google this ;P)
    there is in fact a ‘teasing quote’ about going there too!!!
    anyway, another thing i picked on is ‘motercycle taxi’ is pronounced in thai as ‘motor-sai’ not motorsay. not trying to brag but only meant to correct something.hope you dont mind 🙂

    nice post. glad you like it there

    thai girl

    1. hi thai girl..thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comment. About the motosay thing..i actually meant it to be read as motosai not “say” as in “say cheese” cos I always hear my thai colleagues say it so i already know how they pronounce it. anyway, thanks for the point. at least it is clear for everyone reading it.

      please continue to visit my blog.

  4. sawasdee ka,
    last time i visit samed is march, this year.
    sai kaew may be most beautiful beach of samed
    but i prefer wong-duen (mean ‘moon curve’ such a romantic name?)
    i also have some pics to share!1733?ct=photos

    anyway, talking about ‘up and coming’ destination
    right now i may think about ‘koh larn’ than samet ka
    a small island near pattaya city, chonburi
    compare with samed, samed is more beautiful
    but koh larn is.. let me say ‘interesting’
    have some picts to share either ^ ^

    1. sawasdee krup…thanks for your comment. yes, many say koh larn is the next place to be..very near pattaya but not as crowded..i think some resorts in pattaya are arranging day trips to koh larn for those tourists who want something more quiet….your blog pics are very nice..unfortunately i can’t read thai so i can’t understand the comment..
      anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. have a great day!

  5. I’ve never heard of Koh Samed before, I always heard about Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket but looking at your pictures I guess it is a wonderful place to visit.

  6. Lovely pics -reminds me of my trip to Thailand and I can’t wait to go back. If you get the chance you must go north to Chang Mai and to an elephant sanctuary. Chang Mai was my favorite city and the hill-tribes in the area were also fascinating to see. Lovely people and culture.

    1. indeed it is beautiful. I took the pictures from my normal digital camera with only 7.1 megapixel quality. I really need to buy a good professional camera soon so it will be a lot better.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is a good one too. Yeah, you should go to Koh Samed. I’ve been to Koh Samui before and the place is very nice but a bit expensive if compared to other tourist spots in Thailand..

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