Knowing one’s worth…

I was watching minutes ago the interview of Kris Aquino after she went back to her entertainment show..she was crying her heart out (again!) because she is missing her mom- the late Former President Cory Aquino. She wept even with a plain mobile phone bill which is the phone line of her mom. Cutting it means literally she will not be able to talk to her mom was really a sad scene and I can feel the deep sorrow she have inside.

As I ponder deeper, I realized that you will really know someone or something’s worth if they/it is/are no longer with you or are apart from you…however I believe, it is essential for us to move on even if we lose someone or something so that we can grow.

Oftentimes, we take our loved ones for granted. We regret the fact that we have not shown them the love or attention they deserve but sadly, we realize it when it is already too late..cos they are gone.

I should have….
What if…
I should have…
What if…’s too late…

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