Pattaya, oh yeah!

Pattaya sunset

Over the weekend  I had my Pattaya trip which was actually my 4th time (3rd time this year- February, May then August) since I went to Thailand to work.  Pattaya would always be memorable to me since this city was the first one I was able to visit outside of Bangkok. And surely, I will come back again very soon.

For one, Pattaya offers not only the convenience of City Living but also the tropical atmosphere, the beach just literally being in front of you. This city is also very lively at night especially in the Walking Street which is so full of entertainment (whatever your definition of entertainment is). There are many bars, restaurants, bistros, souvenir shops, name it- Pattaya got it!

For this trip I stayed in several hotels and inspected some more. However, there are several hotels that are most outstanding if compared to the rest.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is one of the very few Hard Rock Hotels in the world.  You should not miss the themed rooms featuring popular entertainment icons like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna and many more. Various memorabilias and mementos are also found displayed in many corners of the hotel from the Lobby, Bar, and of course, Hard Rock Cafe.  The staff are very lively and attentive. I was told that when you are interviewed for a Job in this hotel, you will be asked to dance so they can see how active you can be.

The Beatles
Hard Rock Pattaya

Paul Mc Cartney

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Amari Orchid Resort and Tower is an impressive hotel offering stunning view of the Sea if you are staying in a room at their Ocean Wing. The concept is very unique in some rooms, the bath tub literally in the bedroom (not inside the bathroom). This design is suitable for Honeymooners or couples since you can have a refreshing bath while enjoying the breath taking scenery. The pool area is very big and landscape is nice and very modern.

Amari Orchid Resort and Tower
Amari Orchid Resort and Tower
Swimming Pool at Amari Orchid Resort and Tower
I am sharing some more snapshots on the trip which overall is tiring due to very tight schedule of appointments but well spent with some time for relaxation, bar hopping and dancing and of course meeting fellow Filipinos.


7 thoughts on “Pattaya, oh yeah!

  1. Nice pictures. Always wondered about the hard rock and Amari hotels. Unfortuantely I have to travel on a rather tight budget. Your post has given me a chance to see what I have been missing. Thank’s for sharing

    1. hi andy..i’m glad you enjoyed the pictures I posted. it’s a good thing though if you experience it for yourself. I am looking forward to the 100% completion of Centara Mirage which would be the biggest in Pattaya. Keep on visiting my blog.

    1. Hi Rhea..thanks for your compliment..i just used a normal 7.1 megapixel digital camera..yeah i am inspired to take good shots since I went to Koh Samed..I hope I will have a budget to buy a professional camera soon. Who knows photography would be my next passion. 🙂

      Keep visiting my blog!

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