Back to Basics




Earlier before I go online, I was trying to tie the shoe laces in my sneakers since I removed it when I cleaned it few weeks ago. I tried doing it the Converse style, meaning parallel style and not criss crossing. Apparently, what should be an easy task which I had been doing since I was a kid became very complicated it actually made me sweat so I had to turn on my air con. A task that should be finished in less than 5 minutes took me more than 15 minutes and I was only able to finish when my friends come to my place. Actually, it was my teen friend who finished the job for me.

This incident actually strucked me. How can an adult like me is not able to do a very simple task which most children could definitely do effortlessly. Is it a sign of aging or stupidity? Am I being an Adult baby? I hope not.

Indeed in this age of modern technology wherein complexity is already a thing of the past since we are able to do most of our tasks as easy as counting 1-2-3 with all those gadgets, tools and even modern processes in business introduced by intelligent gurus.

But even so, it still boils down to one principle– that is being back to the basics no matter how advanced we may be.

I heard of a good story about going back to the basics though I am not sure if this is a true story…This is how the story goes:

The Americans were successful in being able to land in the moon first. However, with this great accomplishment, there is one thing they cannot do in space– that is writing in a space shuttle using a ballpoint pen.

No matter how hard they try the ink won’t simply give them the opportunity to write a single letter. Many years of research and huge amount of money were spent but everything seems futile.

Finally, the Russians did a space exploration and where Americans fail, they succeeded. They were able to write a full note in outer space…

The Americans wondered how come the Russians can do it. They are America, supposedly the greatest and most advanced nation. Later on they found out why the Russians were able to write in outer space…

The Russians used an ordinary wooden pencil..

How far can you go?

Fast Lane


You are inside your car in a 6-lane avenue..The light is not green  but there are only few cars in sight. You have a choice, you can step on the accelerator and go full speed ahead or you can wait for the green light before you move..the next question is, if you decided to move, how far can you go?

If we are at the crossroads of our lives, should we turn to the left or right? Go straight or make a U-Turn?

Many people fail because they just go full speed without looking ahead only to realize they are heading into a very steep crevasse. On the other hand, there are some who have not reached the direction they should be, out of fear of being lost.

Life is like driving. In driving, there are bumps, rough or slippery roads and there are also times it is a breeze. Life is full of events and surprises, problems and excitement. In driving, we may not be able to see what’s in front of us unless we turn on a bright head light..Life will definitely be better if we have a bright disposition as well as a clear mind and a happy heart.

Driving is prone to accidents and mishaps and so is life. There are many risks we have to take almost everyday. Yet, despite all these risks– it is still good to enjoy living in this world.

When we are ready to step on the “Gas of Life”, are we taking an extra mile? Are we going farther than what our eyes can see? farther than what our ears can hear? farther than what our body can feel?

It’s ok to take the race of our life as long as in the end, we reach the Finish line.