This Is It- Michael Jackson

This is it
This afternoon, I watched the movie (actually a documentary film) This Is It, a tribute to the late King of Pop- Michael Jackson. The whole film is about the concert series, mostly the rehearsals to the concert which was supposed to be held in the O2 Arena in London to a sold-out audience in all 50 concert dates.

The concert should have happened last July 2009, only 8 days to go from the day of his untimely death last June 25, 2009. As expected, the concert is full of the spectacular fireworks, magnificent lighting and one-of-a-kind musicality you can only find from an icon like Michael. The stage design and concept in all of the songs are superb. I like the supposed performance of Smooth Criminal, Black or White and Earth Song for sheer originality in terms of foot work, graphics and overall production. I also liked the concept wherein some of his dancers are literally tossed out to the stage like a bread popping out from the bread toaster. Really ingenious.

In the movie, you can see Michael is really a music genius. He is very hands on and knows what he wants and sees to it that it is injected in the production numbers.  He is very spontaneous too. He sometimes just stop and say he is absorbing the moment so he can bring out the best. Big as he is, he shows humility to all members of his production crew. He is firm with what he wants but is not at all bossy. He is even childish as depicted in the videos.

It is just ironic that with all the magnificent songs and dance being played in the big screen, what is missing is all those excited screaming fans and the very energetic atmosphere. What is present in the movie house is the very silent crowd being awed by what they are seeing in the screen but of course it is not proper to shout or cheer while in the movie house. It is really sad that we will not have a chance to see Michael perform again even for the last time. Could have been the greatest live spectacle of our lifetime..

Michael will truly be missed by his fans the world over..he is gone too soon..and This is really it.


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