Help needed!


These past few months, I had the chance privilege to listen to some problems of my friends. This chance privilege is important for me because not only are these people my friends but the fact that they entrusted me a piece of their story is a great pride so to speak.

The problems I had been listening too are mostly relationship problems..problem with marriage, bf or gf, ex(es), parents or even close friends. I’ve seen some of them cried their hearts out…some desperately need some bashing and a frank opinion so they can gain realization while some just need some ears to listen to them.

Truly, it’s a difficult task to be a listener because at certain point you are stressed yourself and tends to become shock absorber of their emotions. What’s harder is that after listening, they need a sensible advice.  Well to begin with, I cannot say I have smooth relationship. It’s even double hard for me because how can they expect me to give a sound advice about marital problems if I myself has not been into that situation before since I am single and never been married.

What about those who have problems with their parents or siblings? I have very loving and wonderful parents that I find it difficult at times to be in my friend’s shoes.

Well sadly, there are also some who judged my capacity (or worth) as a friend. They’ve known me not too long and not too well anyway so it’s hardly my cause of concern.

To sum it up, I guess the key to giving out good advice is not mainly because of the “been there, done that” situation but also because if you generally have a good life, you can share your happiness and satisfaction to a friend in need so they can have the positive outlook in life as well. Moreover, if you have an open mind and sensitive to the feelings of others plus still know the boundary of what’s good and what’s not, then being a counsellor is not a bad idea at all!

What’s more satisfying is that after very long discussions and your friend had come to a realization, then you achieved your goal and you will be greatly appreciated.

As for me, I really have few close friends whom I can trust and can say they are real friends and are willing to help me whenever I need it. I am not in a rush to add as much names into that list and I know I don’t need to call an emergency number cos I can count on them.

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