I Dreamed a Dream- Les Miserables

The other day I was watching the charity concert of Kamala Sukosol, the owner of several hotels in Thailand and a popular performer as well. Her daughter Marisa sang a nice rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables and I remembered that this song actually made Susan Boyle become a reality show phenomenon.

Now, I am sharing various versions of I Dreamed a Dream all sang by good performers including one of the Philippines’ greatest pride, Lea Salonga which I was so fortunate to be able to watch a live performance in Bangkok recently.

Of course, these singers have different styles so take your pick which one is the best and enjoy the videos!

One thought on “I Dreamed a Dream- Les Miserables

  1. I had the chance to watch Les Miserables in West End in 2007 but Im still hoping that I could watch Lea in the musical. I watched her in Miss Saigon back in CCP Manila on the second week of the musical. Im very proud of her!

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