Putting up the pieces together

Last night, I invited 2 of my friends to have dinner at my house cos I cooked Caldereta, a sumptuous beef recipe with thick sauce made from tomatoes and some carrots and potatoes. I bought some fried chicken as well to combine with this dish. After dinner, on a regular hang-out session, either we watch some DVD movie, eat some more, have a bit of drinking session or rent a computer altogether and play endless Facebook Apps.

Last night was different. Since I bought some puzzles in a local fair near my place, I encouraged them to help me build the puzzle pieces together. The picture is that of various Coke bottles and cans which I’ve posted here. Finally, after 3 hours of struggling to make all ends meet, we are able to create a masterpiece!

Life is like puzzle pieces. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right match. You keep on searching where you will fit in. Be it about job, friendship, relationship or even personal satisfaction. At the end, we can find where we belong.

However, building a life is not as easy as making the puzzle. Sometimes, no matter how hard we tried to fit in, we really cannot push ourselves to be in that group, place  or situation. I just wish there is a formula that can build a good life in 3 hours time…

On a positive note, as we are looking forward to a new year in a few hours time, let us put the broken pieces together again. What we can repair let us try to fix for once. Let us leave all the bad memories of this year be left behind.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this 2009. I’ve gained some and along the way, I lost some as well. I’m wishing I can look forward to a better year ahead.

May all of us have a blessed and bountiful New Year! Be safe while we celebrate the coming year.

God bless us all!

4 thoughts on “Putting up the pieces together

  1. Not too late to greet you a happy and bountiful chinese new year – Year of the Golden Tiger! You know what, the puzzle struck me because Im fan of solving them, esp 1,000 pieces. I have alot of collections that I bought abroad. I got the Sistine Chapel (Vatican) which I got from Rome and still waiting to be solved!

    Absolutely Im sharing the same thoughts about it (puzzle) and our very own life! Sometimes, it is difficult to move on by ourselves and we need people (like family and friends) in order to face any challenges; consequently to be victorious at the end.

    I was optimistic to solve my 1000pc puzzle (a girl+ angel) but it took me 3 years to complete (with frame) it. Without the help of my sisters/brother, maybe until this time, the puzzle is still inside the box!

    All the best, Reymos

    1. very true..if my friends did not help me solve the puzzle, I think up to now it’s still not complete. It helps that someone try to analyze with you if the pieces you are trying to put together are correct or not. Also with the bit of pressure trying to finish it fast, a cheer or motivation from someone helps a lot. My next problem is how to frame it cos it’s big and costly to put in a frame..hehehe.

      I still have 3 boxes to finish..just don’t know when. occupied with some other things so I hope my friends can help me finish it soon.

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