Another drinking night in Bangkok with exotic food on the side…

The other night I posted my trip to Route 66 in Ratchadapisek/Rama 9 area of Bangkok which is the happening place for teenagers and young professionals. Last night, I headed back to Khaosarn Road for another partying session..seems i’m in a party mood these days, ayt? Well actually I had no plans of drinking and partying for 3 consecutive nights but I had some friends visiting Bangkok so might as well take the opportunity. Besides, I already had my mind set to go out on Saturday Night because me and my friends were supposed to have dinner to celebrate the 7th Birthday of JM, the son of my friends here but last minutely it was decided they will go to Dreamworld, a local theme park at the outskirts of Bangkok. Since it is a kid’s birthday we’re talking about, all of us agreed it is best the party will just be held there. Unfortunately, I am not available in the morning so I am unable to join them in Dreamworld.

After dinner at home last night, I decided I don’t want to just kill time in my room while my other friends are mostly outside. I called one of my friend who is in Khaosarn area and unable to join Dreamworld as well. I asked where they were and what are their plans for the night. They said they are about to have dinner so I decided I will follow them there and we can have a couple of drinks. I dressed  up and went to Khaosarn immediately after.

I met them in a small Mexican Restaurant and they are almost about to finish dinner. After dinner, 3 of them are unable to join any further activities for the night so only 3 of us are left to roam around the area. We decided to go first in Rooftop bar. It is located in the 3rd floor of a guest house and the bar played acoustic music. The singer was quite good and we thought he is a Filipino because of his singing style and his accent cannot be that of a Thai. After one round of Leo Beer and hanging out few more minutes enjoying the music and the crowd, we decided to “start” our drinking session. We decided we can just sit at some bars along the street wherein their bar area is actually the sidewalk and you are just seated in some plastic chairs. Naturally, the drink here is cheap because they don’t have to rent a big space since their bar area/sidewalk is free anyway. Most of the western people love to hangout in these type of bar and enjoy lengthy chit-chat..We ordered a bucket of strong whiskey cocktail mixed with coke. As what they advertised, the drinks are really super strong and they did not check our ID cards too even if we looked minors..LOL.

I dared my friends to eat some insects being sold on the street like in a Fear Factor challenge. Since the 2 of them are ladies, I thought they will not be up to my challenge. Apparently, one of them is brave enough to take it up (personally I think she enjoyed eating those exotic insects. LOL). We bought 20 Baht worth of insects. You can see the picture above. It is actually a mix of cricket and another one i’m not too sure if locust or something else. Some other insects being sold are silkworm, ants and scorpion. I think I will not be valiant enough to eat the scorpion in any occasion in the future. Actually in some carts, there are even more insect selections like cockroach. Mostly these insects are crispy fried and the sauce is soy-based. I’ve tried eating worms in Palawan locally known as Tamilok. It tastes like oyster. I’ve also tried fried frog legs which is super tasty and similar to chicken, so eating exotic food is not new to me.

I took my first bite, eyes closed. I think the taste is not disgusting as it seems. It is crispy with no pungent smell or bitter taste whatsoever. It is like a plain crispy skin of pork or chicken. The best part is that it is not juicy. If there are some juice oozing or there are some bitter taste in it, I will definitely vomit.

Next, we moved to one of our fave hangout in Khaosarn- Shamrock Bar. Last night the band was good and played popular songs. We really enjoyed dancing and ordered another bucket of strong cocktail. While we were dancing, we met some group of Thais who are also enjoying the night. They were super cool and danced with us and even shared some drinks as well.

It was almost 3 AM and we were drunk and wasted. I had to call my other friend to help us get out of the bar. HA HA! So disgusting of me to use a helpline right?

We walked outside and bought some hot siopao which is very tasty especially after all those drinking and dancing.

Actually, only me had to travel far to get home because my friends just had to walk few meters and their guest house is there alread. Fortunately, I was able to go back home almost 4 AM.

It was such a great g-mik night day and hope soon my gang will be complete the next time we go bar hopping so it will be more fun.

Enroute to Route 66 Bangkok

It was a Friday night..almost 12 midnight and the night is still young in urban Bangkok. My friend Mike whom I last met more than 2 years ago was in Bangkok with his aunt and cousins for their retail business got nothing to do and would want to enjoy his last night in Bangkok. The other night we went to Khaosarn Road and stayed there until 2 am so I asked him if he want to go back there because few of my friends are there as well and we can all hangout together. He said he want to visit another place so I decided we go to Ratchadapisek area in a place called RCA or Royal City Avenue. This party place is very popular to Thai teenagers and I’ve never been there before so off we go.

The place was lined up with bars and pubs teeming with young party goers. I expected it will almost be a 90% Thai crowd but was surprised that there were actually a lot of foreigners- Westerns and Asians like Japanese, Korean. I’ve read about RCA in some blogs or even in that Slim Bar or Route 66 is a cool place. We decided to go to Route 66. I read in most website that Entrance fee is free unless there are special events. Last night, there was an entrance fee of THB 200 so I guess it was a special night. The entrance fee is consumable anyway so its just ok.

Route 66 has 3 zones, the farthest one is the Techno/Trance area, the mid section is the Thai pop area and the 3rd and largest (and arguably the most popular section) is the American Hip Hop area. We decided to go to the American Hip Hop area. The bar is a bit dark and it is quite difficult to walk your first step upon entering especially for first time visitors like us. Drinks are actually not expensive and similar to most of the bars in Bangkok. A bottle of Heineken costs about THB 140 so we left with THB 60 credit from our entrance fee. They also have a promotion for Whiskey so I noticed most of the group just buy a bottle of Whiskey and share the cost which is more effective. Since the place is really filled up to the last square feet, we have to literally wiggle and slither to get to the happening place near the DJ stage.  Finally we conquered and was dancing just in front of the DJ’s with the large speakers pounding our hearts like drums.

I searched the Bar’s official website and check out the Photo Gallery. The Hip Hop area look like this without the crowds..Cozy isn’t it?

During weekends and special events, the venue can be as crowded as this:

The hard part is that if you need to heed the call of nature, the restrooms are actually at the other end which is near the Techno area. Again you have to wrestle with the crowds in order for you to finally reach the toilet. I like the crowd in RCA better than in Khaosarn Road because in Khaosarn some bars look like those girly bar in Pattaya and seems like the ladies are actually not there to party but prey their eyes on Farang customers. In RCA, the young crowd (mostly university students or young professionals) are really there to party and everyone don’t mind being pushed or squeezed just to find a so-called dance floor which you cannot have as big as 2 square foot for yourself due to the big crowd turnout.

The ratio of male-female is about 70% female vs. 30% male which is the same in most of the common pubs in Bangkok. Mike was joking it is quite risky to dance or even meet some girls in the bar because of the fact that gays in Bangkok really looked like real women and in a dark place combined with drunkenness it will really be difficult to spot check which one is real and which one is fake. Ha ha!

Almost 2 AM we noticed that many group hurried to pay the bill and go out. We thought they just don’t want their mum and dad to scold them for not coming home as per the curfew but later we realized at 2 AM, the party stopped and everyone headed home. Traffic is one problem as all the bars are closed and the party goers have to scramble to go out of the compound in their cars. However, for foreigners like us who don’t have a car in Bangkok, the most difficult part is finding a taxi. Surely there are a lot of taxis but the drivers tend to be selective or do not want the fare to be metered so you just have to be patient in finding your own taxi. Compared to the bars in Khaosarn wherein it is easily accessible to the major road, taxis are plenty even during festive events like New Year or Songkran and never a problem finding your own easily.

Anyway, overall our trip to Route 66 was a good one. Surely, I will be going back to that place with my friends soon.

(Belated) Happy New Year!

Last December 31 New Year’s Eve, me and my friends decided to dine out to celebrate New Year instead of staying at home and preparing food which is what we’ve done for Christmas. We trooped to Siam and had a big dinner in Sizzler’s Restaurant.  After filling our tummies with good food, we headed off to Khaosan Road to wait for the coming year 2010.

Khaosan was teeming with New Year revelers, foreigners and locals alike. Many foreigners (mostly Caucasians) prefer Khaosan due to numerous bars and restaurants to choose from and because the crowd here is very lively. This is actually an understatement…Even before Midnight, there are several short commotions due to some action brought about by small fights of drunkards (mostly Westerners). We were not spared of these drunkards as well. One time (after midnight), me and a friend went to 7-11 to buy some water since it’s very hot due to the big crowd turnout in the street and probably because of dancing and celebrating too much. While we are just standing in front of 7-11, we see a lot of policemen moving forward. Less than a minute passed, they are guiding a Tall, shirtless White guy to the police station. Following them is a bloody Westerner as well. It seems that this guy was hit by a bottle in the head and blood is flowing freely down his body, his white shirt turned red.  This is the first incident we’ve witnessed. While this was happening, another thing is simultaneously happening in the bar we were staying. One drunk White guy just suddenly stormed our table and toppled our Heineken beer tower. Two of my friends who were left in our table that time was caught by surprise because it happened so fast and one tried to grab the white guy so he can pay for the damage. Unfortunately, the intruder was very fast and had escaped before he was made to pay for his “crime”. This incident spoilt our supposedly fun drinking session a bit.

It was almost 1:30 am and the night is still young. The freak accident surely did not dampen our spirits and so my group decided to hangout to another venue. We then went to Silk Bar which is not more than 50 meters away from our first spot. The ground floor was still full so we went to the 2nd floor which is a bit quieter as there are some empty tables because most of the people decided to party in the streets. This gave us a good idea to make it our own dance floor since the sounds are quite good. Our group danced like crazy. We did many dance steps- sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes weird. Since you will have to pass our “dance floor” before you are able to go to the restrooms, many passersby are actually being entertained by our dance moves. One British guy even approached and danced with us because he finds us so lively and happy. This was even caught on video.

Around 3AM, some more friends joined us so we decided to move to another place near the balcony of the bar (also on the 2nd floor). This spot actually gives you a good view of the ground floor of the bar and the streets where revelers are still very much alive. Many people are still walking or dancing in the street and a lot of them are holding large beer bottles so it means many are getting drunk. Because alcohol is really not good if it gets into your brain, true enough, less than 30 minutes that we were seated in the balcony, another commotion happened…Another Western guy just went to a table in the Ground Floor of our bar and punched one guy. The group tried to help the victim so this caused their table turn upside down and a lady was even hurt. The Thai employee of the bar upon seeing the damage tried to fight and punch the guy who first attacked. Fortunately, cool heads prevailed and they tried to stop the punching before it escalates into a full-blown street war.

As for our group, we just enjoyed the night (or dawn) and finished our drinks before deciding to call it a day. We left the place and headed back home around 5:30 AM.  Overall, it was an unforgettable experience full of fun and action. I’m glad everyone in our group are easy to be with and loves to party so it made the celebration even more memorable.

With this, I am definitely looking forward to a good year. 2009 has been a good year but it could have been better. I am wishing 2010 will be perfect.