Did you give your love on Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday, February 14 is Valentines Day/Heart’s Day/ Day of Love and all the whatnot…to the Chinese People, it is the Chinese New Year. Everyone seems so happy and full of love. Right? We’ll that should be the right attitude. I’m sure most of the restaurants and bars are full of couples and lovers (legal and otherwise) and the motels in Pasig, Sta. Mesa or Pasay City are fully booked to the max (traditionally speaking). I just can’t see the logic why those couples have to cram checking-in to motels on that day just to express their love (or should I say libido in most cases) which is always a cause of major traffic jam.

I received a text from my Mom around dinner time complaining a bit about me not texting them or greeting them HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Whaaattt?!? And since when did it become a requirement for children to text their parents and greet them Happy Valentine’s Day? Ok ok..my bad. I should’ve remembered to greet them first and not doing so because they ONLY asked me to..Next year I will be more reasonable..hehehe..

So the question is, did you give love on Valentine’s Day?

I did….
Surely there were no flowers, teddy bears, chocolates or other stuff this year. But yes, I did give love on Valentine’s Day….
Besides the booh booh about my parents, I did give love on Valentine’s Day. I showed love for God by attending mass and praising Him and even being 15 minutes early for the mass (which is quite a rare occasion as I always end up just exactly on time or a bit late which is bad). I showed love for my friends by inviting them for Dinner of Chicken Curry in my place which I prepared before attending the Afternoon mass. I showed love for myself by going to the gym because I really needed one after several big eating sessions the past 2 weeks. It may sound a bit pathetic to some people but no one can question me about the love I’d shown from the above examples cos those are my definition of love at this time.

Today is already February the 15th and Valentine’s Day is over..but this doesn’t mean we can no longer express love.

Let us be generous in giving love to those who feel they’re never loved or are unwanted. Let us show affection to the unfortunate people. Any gesture of love we can show translates to a plethora of happiness for them be it a simple smile or hug, any food or token we can share as well as a silent prayer is already a blessing in the best form.

To those who I failed to greet yesterday, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Did you give your love on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Vday is not just about dating, receiving flowers or chocolates or being intimate with someone. you are right that while it is about L-O-V-E, it must be more of giving one rather than receiving then it becomes more meaningful. well not just for 1 special day. it should be for everyday.

    nice post šŸ™‚

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