Love is how we define it…

Since it is still the month of Love, allow me to make another post about this topic..surely many of us want to be in love and to be is such a powerful feeling that we don’t want it to end. Sadly, for some people even a great story has an ending…not the typical “and they live happily ever after” ending but just a plain and simple ending.

Last Saturday, I was talking to an old friend in Yahoo Messenger and she was actually nervous (or should I say excited) about the sharing she is about to do in her church the next day. The topic is, you guess it right! – L-O-V-E-. She is a confessed single lady for quite sometime now (really now huh?) and she feels the topic is actually a blow to her because she feels she is not an authority on this matter and the fact that she has to talk in front of a crowd makes her extra anxious. She was actually trying to ask my opinion about her speech which was sent to me by e-mail. I was reading it halfway when my other friends here in Bangkok asked me to join their “drinking session” so I hurriedly take a shower and changed clothes and left the story hanging with some bit of excuses…hahaha..what I would give up for a bottle or two of alcohol. LOL. If she happens to see my blog post now, she will know why I am in such a hurry that night and for sure she’ll hate me…my bad..LOL. We’ll i’m sure she will understand that I need a couple of drinks for rest and relaxation to relieve from the stresses of life.

Anyway, going back to the story..only now that I was able to read in full her part I liked is about a story “Beautifully Imperfect”. It is about a wife’s delight at the sound of her husband’s very loud snore while sleeping. Weird isn’t it? But the snore is actually music to her is her signal that her husband is still alive even though he is fighting a disease. That little imperfection makes it seem perfect because of LOVE. God really has a way of putting uniqueness in our life experiences..

Some people love their job so much, it is their life. They push themselves to the limit just to be excellent in their careers..sacrificing quality time with their loved ones because of the demands of the job in the hope of giving them good life. As long as they know they are giving their loved ones what they need and want, it is already a fulfillment. That is their definition of love, being a good provider.

Then there are those who are already married, have a good job and generally have a good life. But, they are still lured by secret tryst and passionate moments. Why? Mostly they say it’s because in this relationship even if it is not right– they feel loved, feel special and the moment no matter how brief or risky is worth the try. Can we blame them?

The other day I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. One episode saw a guy waking up from 16 long years of being in a coma only to realize that his wife was not able to wait for him–married the year before and now expecting a baby. The son they had before he went into that state was already a grown up man without any experience or moment with him being “alive” thus the love is mainly superficial only because they are father and son by blood. The patient realized he has nothing left of him so he decided to undergo a risky procedure that may cost him his life. He took the risk because he felt he has nothing to lose anyway and that he love his life and has to move on…before the procedure, his son promised to be back to the hospital to visit him again. He hoped it was true. The doctors went ahead. Unfortunately, he died. The son actually did came back and was in the waiting room. Too bad they never get the chance to share the love they have missed for 16 long years.

Love is really how we define it. It’s scope is very broad. Everyone has a story to tell. It is not fair for the dictionary to define it in just a page because once you get to experience it, the pages of all dictionaries, even all websites combined cannot give it the proper definition. It is a whole spectrum of feelings that is hard to decipher. Only the person or persons feeling it can truly define what their love is…


3 thoughts on “Love is how we define it…

  1. poor friend….tlagang pinag palit sya sa alak…sana lang she understands, next time just have a guts to say “bye” before u leave….hehehehe….by the way, nice topic u got here, it’s really easy to say a word when we talk about love….ang tanong ngaun….inlove kaba?! kanino?

    1. i think i did say goodbye..di nga lang pwede i post dito sa blog kung ano reason me being in love? we’ll i’m always in love based on the facts i’ve i said in my post, love is how we define for this case, I can say I am…

  2. hmm.. very well said.
    true enough, only a person can define the meaning of love depending on how she/he perceives it. it can be from the joy of being alone, being with someone, being in a career, being accepted, and many others. everyone has its fair share of love stories and all of them are unique in countless ways. for me, it’s more on belongingness and the feeling of being special because others (not only a specific person) make you feel you are. and when you feel special, you feel your life has more meaning..

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