A Pan-filled day…

The other week, I bought a set of cooking pan for my colleague as Birthday present because we learned that he loves cooking. There was a big sale for these Teflon pans so I took the opportunity to buy a set for me as well. See the picture of my old and new pan below.

As I bid good bye to my old pan, I had to say it has been a great companion in my cooking for many months. A lot of wonderful dishes I cook and eat either alone or share to friends and colleagues were made because of that pan. All the recipes I had in mind became a reality because I was able to cook it perfectly well with my reliable kitchen companion…Now, though it is no longer non-stick due to wear and tear, I can say it already served its purpose.

As I try to use my new pan, I am anticipating new cooking experiences and more tasty and mouth-watering foods to come…

See, even a pan has its own story…


2 thoughts on “A Pan-filled day…

  1. Hi – Thanks for showcasing your new and old Teflon pans! I represent DuPont and it’s always a pleasure to see people using our products in their everyday lives.

    If you are interested in some great recipes or cookbooks to try with your new pans, drop me an email or comment back and I would be glad to help you out! Thanks. Cheers, Ross

    1. Hi Ross, thank you for your message. Yes, I would love to have a free copy of your recipes and cookbook so I can enjoy cooking and hopefully feature in my food blog. Let me know if it is possible. Thanks!

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