Show must go on-Songkran Festival 2010

Few days ago, I blogged about the Songkran Festival in Thailand as canceled according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority as published in various newspaper and website. However, Songkran being the happiest and most highly anticipated festival in Thailand, the recent bloody political clash did not dampen the spirit of the festival as many Bangkokians and even foreigners enjoy this festival specifically in Silom Road.

My friend said she saw in the news that Songkran is also held in Khaosan but there are less people especially since many of the backpackers decided to flee the area during the onslaught of the clashes near the area. Me and a few friends trooped to Silom around 4pm. The people are just starting to flock the area that time but you can see the happiness in everyone’s face unlike few days ago which you can see a worried look in most people especially with what’s happening in the local scene.

Songkran is known for water splashing using toy water guns or putting powder like substance in the people’s faces. One good thing about the festival is that everyone is game and no one gets mad even if cold water is used or if you are hit directly in the face. Majority of the crowd are teenagers while some children do not mind being soaked and walking the narrow streets. Because the streets are made literally into a playground, only few vehicles can pass. Only one lane is open for cars, buses or motorcycles while the rest are occupied by revelers. It was really fun when at one point several young ladies are screaming on top of their lungs just to gain attention. Some guys followed suit.

In another corner in Patpong, a fire hose is used to splash liters and liters of water. Loud speaker are placed outside the bars playing danceable tunes so everyone danced while drenching in water. We truly enjoyed this spot. Unfortunately, even I sealed my phones and belonging in ziploc bags, water still went inside it probably because of the big volume of water coming from the hose so at the end one of my celfone got busted. : (

We went home feeling very tired with several hours of walking and soaking in water and faces hardened by the powder. However, it is such an enjoyable experience. We are actually maximizing the 3 days holiday so surely we will come back again tomorrow.

As they say, the show must go on even during Songkran.