Spoon and Fork Boy gets vindicated

Filipino Canadian boy, Luc Cagadoc gets the sweetest victory after 4 years of fighting social injustice in Quebec, Canada. His story hugged the headlines because of an “unusual” way of eating– that is by using Spoon and Fork. The staff of the school he is studying reprimanded him for “eating like a pig” and unlike other Canadians. After the incident the boy became anti-social, lost his appetite and did poorly in school.

The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal initially dismissed the complaint so the family sought the help of the Center for Research Action on Race Relations or CRARR.

After 4 long years, the verdict was out and the school was ordered to pay $17,000 to Luc’s Family and justice was finally served.

Surely, this will not be the last incident of racial discrimination and there will be a lot more Luc in any parts of the world in the future. One lesson we learned from this incident is to respect other’s unique personality or characteristics. What’s normal to  us may be outrageous to others and vice versa so respecting one another is the key.

Geez, $17,000 is a lot of money….surely, Luc can buy all the spoon and fork he needs in all his lifetime and enjoy his food better.

Kudos to you Luc and to the CRARR.

Note: News article can be found here-

One thought on “Spoon and Fork Boy gets vindicated

  1. this is good news, kiko. we all have the rights to practice what we are as long as we don’t post harm to others whether in your country or elsewhere. and even if you are different from them, race/color/religion, it doesn’t make you a lesser person and should not be tagged as one. in this case, “eating like a pig”. that’s really foul.

    he deserves the $17k 🙂

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