An intoxicating weekend…

This weekend has been great if not intoxicating so to speak. I used the word intoxicating but not meant on a negative way. Intoxicating in the sense that me and fellow Filipinos and some foreigner friends enjoyed good food, countless Karaoke songs, long and interesting stories and of course some hearty laugh.

It has been quite a long time that I joined some get-together in a friend’s house because many of us became quite busy and some of the people in our group either moved back home, went to other places or working in some provinces of Thailand.

We planned this party as a sort of house warming/despedida (Bon Voyage party) for one of our friends. Since they are a fan of my Kiko’s Kitchen food blog, they asked me to cook which I gladly obliged.

For the party, we decided to prepare favorite foods that we missed a lot. Later on, we realized all the foods that we selected are very complicated to prepare. We selected Pancit Palabok, Dinuguan and Lumpiang Shanghai. The easiestย  dish in our menu is Kinilaw na Talaba (Oyster).

Me, the host and another friend troop to the local market to buy fresh ingredients. I am not a fan of the local markets here because I am worried that since I don’t speak really good Thai, I might find it hard to buy. But actually it’s not because you don’t need to talk much..just point at what you want to buy and ask how much is it (Tao rai krub?) Basically I already know the numbers in Thai so I can easily know the price of the item and also it helps that many of the products have their “price tags’ displayed.

We went to the market in the afternoon so naturally there was no pig’s blood available. We actually had our plan B menu just in case we are unable to buy the pig’s blood.

In the market, we saw fresh squids and since all of us love Adobong Pusit, we bought some extra (Squid is also part of the Pancit Palabok ingredients) for our dinner. We headed back home and eat dinner.

We started preparing the ingredients like cutting, marinading, boiling, etc around 9pm. There were only 2 stoves running and with lots of things to do, we finished our Mis en place at around 2:30 am and went to sleep.

The alarm clock rang around 7 am. We had to wake up early so we can buy the Pig’s blood in the market. Without having breakfast or coffee yet, we headed to our destination. Fortunately, we were able to find our “precious” ingredient– the pig’s blood.

As soon as we arrived home, the 3 of us busied ourselves in the preparation. I started cooking the Pancit Palabok sauce, while the other two are busy wrapping Lumpiang Shanghai. After cooking the Palabok sauce, I then prepared the Dinuguan.

I’ve never tried cooking this dish before though it is one of my favorite dish. I would see my mom cooking it and since I know how it tastes, I just copied her procedure and cooked it. Fortunately, it tastes like Dinuguan and not something else..ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Since we advertised in Facebook that it was a lunch party, guests arrived on time. Luckily we had just finished cooking all the dishes and already starting to prepare the table when they arrived.

It was a small and intimate party among friends totaling to just 8 guests (including 3 foreigners). The foreigners were brave enough to try the Dinuguan even though many would find it quite disgusting from the color of the dish alone (looks like mud) and more so if they learned that it is made of Pig’s blood. Surprisingly however, they enjoyed Filipino foods.

It is very nice to hear your friends enjoying the food and giving praises on how delicious it is. Many of them had 2-3 servings which is actually a feast!

We plan to make our get-together cum pot luckย  a regular habit (at least once a month). As early as now, we are looking forward to it and are already thinking what foods to prepare next time. Hope it is the easy ones. ๐Ÿ˜›

11 thoughts on “An intoxicating weekend…

    1. we bought the ingredients in Huay Kuang Market. I also buy my stuff from groceries kasi mas convenient pero malaki talaga ang discount saka mas fresh pag sa wet market. Di mo naman kailangan na fluent mag Thai as long as you know the numbers madali na kasi mostly ituturo mo lang naman. He he he.

  1. ayan kiko, pareho kayo nasa bangkok ni len (hi, len.. ikaw yung friend din ni Pong di ba? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    uu ang importante talaga yung sama sama kayo nakain, ang sarap lalo ng feeling pag lahat natutuwa sa niluto mo.. me friend ako gumawa sya ng cheese cake na me oreo ata.. tapos picnic kami sa me park.. hmm mejo iba yung lasa..naglaro kami ng boggle, pag me natatalo, kakain nung cheese cake nya.. ang saya saya.. kasi kahit di ganun kaperfect yung pagkakagawa, lahat masaya.. wala lang share ko lang..

    sige check ko ung recipe ng palabok sa food blog mo ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ay friend pala ni Len si dapat friend din ako ni Len kasi ako si Kikomatching. lol.

      @ Miss Bell Pepper natawa naman ako dun sa kwento mo about cheese cake…so ang nangyari parang parusa ang pagkain ng cheese cake? He he he. Magawa nga rin yun..haha.

    2. hello missgreenbellpepper ( whoah! haba naman ng name.. hehe ) yup, pareho pala kaming nsa Thailand ni kikomatching hehe.. yep. friend po ako ni pong saka ng iba pang friend ni pong.. hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wow nagutom nman ako dito, kiko. At sobrang natakam ako sa pancit palabok. Andun po ba sa food blog mo ung recipe? Di ko p kasi natatry yun. And the dinuguan. Hayyz. The best mgluto mommy ko ng dinugyan na me kasama pa puto.

    Ang swerte nman ng mga friends mo you can cook for them at di lng simpleng dishes ha.

    At khit nkkpagod mgluto, its always worth the efforts pg nkita mong nasasarapan yung bisita sa food na niluto mo. Thats what i love about cooking. You make others happy with the food you prepare. Sulit ang pagod:)

    1. Hello Ms. Bell Pepper. Oo nasa Kiko’s Kitchen ko pa ang Pancit Palabok recipe. Soon ang Dinuguan ang i-post kong recipe pag sinipag..hehe.

      Actually, feeling ko ang na miss ng mga kaibigan ko dito hindi naman talaga ang food eh..kundi ang mag sama sama, mag kwentuhan at magkantahan. Excuse lang ang kainan.hehehe. Mga busy kasi pare-pareho kaya medyo madalang mag kita kita. Pinag uusapan na nga ang susunod na kita kits.

      Totoo nakakapagod mag luto pero ilang araw mo din narinig na nasarapan at nabusog sila kaya sulit naman ang pagod. He he he! I’m sure ma swerte din mga kaibigan mo dyan kasi mahilig ka rin mag luto.

  3. napadaan lang po.. perstym mag comment, hindi kona alam kung san ako nanggaling papunta sa site mo.. hehehe

    sarap naman ng food, miss kona yung mga ganyan lalo na yung palabok .. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Len..thanks for visiting..di na mahalaga kung pano ka napunta sa site ko at least naka bisita ka..hehehe.. Yeah, nakaka miss talaga ang mga pagkaing Pinoy kaya kahit mahirap gawin, gagawin pa rin matikman lang..hehehe.

      Bisita ka ulit.. God Bless!

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