Boredom is killing me…

Yeah..i’m bored..Boredom is killing me. Weekend is supposed to be an enjoyable day as you get to relax and leave all work behind even for a while but it seems it’s not working for me as of this writing.

I’ve actually gone out earlier to do the usual Sunday stuff but the monotony of activities makes life seem a little bit less interesting these days.

On weekends, I usually go to the gym for an hour or not over 2 hours (I am unable to workout during weekdays so I just maximize my time during weekends), buy a week’s supply of groceries, go to Church, have a massage (if budget and time permits) or just walk around the mall which are abnormally crowded these days (especially Siam Paragon). Seeing a movie is not always a good option because it’s not every week that there are good movies being screened.

Since I am also staying alone, I had to clean the house, do the laundry and prepare clothes for the next work week. Doing those household activities takes my weekend’s supposed R&R time actually.

I think it’s about time to think of a worthwhile activity to do during my free time. Travel perhaps? It’s actually been a couple of months that I traveled last.  What about studying further? I think it’s a good idea but is more of a long term and expensive activity especially being an Expat….Or maybe hangout with my friends soon (actually the easiest and most available option..hope my friends are reading this post and would be glad to accept the invitation…but where in the world are my friends these days?). Dang..even they are missing in action. Lol.


5 thoughts on “Boredom is killing me…

  1. hi, kiko.. those are the setbacks of living independently. BOREDOM. HOMESICKNESS. REDUNDANCY. while others crave for the freedom you’re enjoying by living on your own and far from home, some choose to stick to their comfort zones. ako din minsan nababato. naiinip. normal na yun sa tin. :)try travelling or engaging in new activities or meeting new friends. siguro kailangan lang ng spices. madami maganda places sa thailand ah. pasyal pasyal ka. wag kang papatalo sa boredom. nakakabaliw yan. hahaha.. pinapatawa lang kita.. cheer up!!! 🙂

    1. salamat Ms. GBP..oo nga kailangan mamasyal..balik kaya ako sa Singapore? Kaso ang mahal kasi jan sa bansa na pinag ta trabahuhan nyo..hehehe. Besides, I’m trying to save all my vacation leave for my trip back home.

      Generally, I am still enjoying my stay here but I’m sure you will agree with me that at certain point we just want to be somewhere else (home is always at the top of my mind). Sometimes it’s also good that you have a pal you can talk to or meet especially when you’re stressed up. Minsan kahit napaka corny na joke mapapatulan mo at matutuwa ka di ba? Of course I have my friends here but not all of them are near so occasional lang nagkikita kita or nakakausap. Mahirap din kasi kung puro pc kaharap ko.. sa office nga PC na pati ba naman bahay PC pa rin..haay. 😦

      Mag lagay kaya ako ng oatmeal na naka exposed (gaya ng ipis post mo) para dumami ipis sa room ko tapos may pagka abalahan naman

      1. natawa naman ako sa oatmeal. parang reality show yan ah padamihan ng ipis na mahahabol mo at mahahampas ng tsinelas. haha.

        last sunday, allow me to share ulit, tambay mode lang ako. nakabili ako ng speakers sa IT show dito. ayun nagkulong ako sa kwarto. watch ng movie “letters to juliet” habang naka-aircon, nakahilata sa kama, me pizza at juice. i chose to relax lang muna last sunday then simba after that. though i was alone i didnt feel lonely at all. un lang siguro mnsan kelangan natin. time alone and some peace within.

        uu magastos dito. lalabas ka lang saglit lagas na ilang dollars mo. hehe. nagkuripot ba.

        kaya mo yan, kiko. it’s all in the mind 🙂

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