Fur kids or real kids anyone?

Last night I was watching in Channel News Asia the programme called Blog TV. The episode is titled “Fur Kids”. The guests debates and gives opinion as to which one is better, raising your own child or owning a fur kid (read as: pet). Wooaah what a topic. Owning a pet has been a trend nowadays and many pet lovers spend a lot in grooming, dressing up and feeding their “fur kids” which is good because most household pets (especially dogs) help relieve stress, are very loyal and fun to look at. However, personally I believe the topic is non debatable in the first place. In totality, it is a lot better to raise your own child as opposed to raising a fur kid.

Please don’t get me wrong with my opinion. I have no objection if some people spend a lot in raising and maintaining their pets. I also emphatize to those couples who want to have their own children but cannot so have to resort to owning a pet for diversion. It is definitely a good deed. However, if a legally married couple has the financial, mental and physical capacity to have their own children, then by all means do not think twice having your own. It’s all about satisfaction, fulfillment and pride of raising your own children.

I don’t have children of my own yet but as I see my parents, siblings, relatives and friends who have their own children, I can see how proud, happy and contented they are having their own offspring especially for my parents as all of us are grown ups now and are successful in our own ways. No matter how obnoxious, underdisciplined or naughty kids these days can become, a parent will always love their child.

We are happy when our pups would learn how to bark and compliment them how brave they are even at a very early stage. However the feeling is entirely different when our baby starts to say its first word like Mama or Papa or giggle when we do peek-a-boo or tickle them. The world seems so full of happiness and the sight of a very innocent face staring at you is priceless.

When a dog learned it’s first trick like sitting still or rolling, we are very proud and would show these tricks off to our friends. However, when our baby responds when we asked them to close or open their hands, blink and do “beautiful eyes” gesture or when they learn to take first small steps, some parents can’t help but become teary eyed with their child’s progress.

When they start to go to school, learn how to read, write us short poems or messages or even draw a picture of their family and show to us, we will treasure these memories for a lifetime.

The list of memories and events shared together between a parent and their children goes on and on. Of course there are random instances wherein the children may grow up not as expected like giving the parents some problems like unwanted pregnancies, being hooked up in drugs or other vices, not following parents orders and stuff. But these are isolated cases and not usual to all families.

Overall, the bond between a parent and a child is stronger than the Great Wall of China, deeper than the Pacific Ocean and greater than the Great Barrier reef. It’s all because the foundation is love, trust and physical and emotional connection.

Let us continue to become a good parent or child or both, whichever role we play in life.


8 thoughts on “Fur kids or real kids anyone?

  1. a laugh of an innocent child feels you big time it’s like you’re over the moon! it’s a priceless feeling….i love babies, i love when they smile at you and laugh at your corny tricks….

    well, for those who prefer pets, it’s where they find happiness…..hehehe….we have a different and unique feelings towards things…so maybe we can’t blame them….

    chill! πŸ™‚

  2. i’ve watched one episode in animal planet about a couple who takes care of a hippo. yup, a hippopotamus (did i spell it, right? πŸ™‚ a 200kg hippo. nakakatouch. her name is jessica. and they really take care of her like their own daughter.
    they don’t have their own child.

    for me, it’s not about who or what you take care of that makes your life meaningful. it’s how you show love to the people around you. and it’s the same love that you give that you also bounce back to you in hundred ways. so whether a fur child or a real child, it’s how you show you care for others. and that, i think, is the most important.

    nice thoughts, kiko. πŸ™‚

  3. well said franz, like me as a single mother I will not exchange my only son to a pet even though how cute they are. Having your own child is something un-explainable and un-debatable this is someone who is an extension of yourself. Of course having more children than what your income can afford is a different story. But me and my son do have a pet and we prefer the one that stay on the bowl and swim instead of the fur pet…

    1. they compare the number of child births in Singapore vs. those registering pets. Based on statistics, there were more pets registered than babies born in Singapore last year. Firstly, is because of the convenience you can easily have a pet and don’t have to carry it for 9 months (for moms). However, they highlight that you also need to spend a lot having a pet of your own.

      On a positive note, as I check the comments from the viewers and their website, majority still would choose a real child than owning a fur kid if given a choice. πŸ™‚

      1. masyadong career-oriented ang mga babae dito sa sg. common na yung nag-aanak at age 35+ at usually 1 or 2 lang. according to some statistics nga if this continues, there will come a time that SIngaporeans will be extinct. the government is even encouraging residents like us to convert citizenship kasi nga konti na sila. at oo, i see a lot of pets here. baka next time makasabay ko na din sila sa MRT. hahaha.

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