Stories as a child…

When we were young, our parents, guardians or most of the adults would come up with unique if not outrageous stories (mostly urban legends) just to make us follow their orders or to keep us still when we become too obnoxious. These are my stories to tell as a child which I don’t know where it originated from…disclaimer: this post is not intended to discriminate anyone.

When we don’t want to eat the food on the table (supposed it is a fish or vegetable dish cos naturally kids love meat and junk foods), we are told that when we become hungry and just sleep our hunger out, “our spirit would go out of our body and go to the kitchen to find something to eat. Finally, the spirit will find the rice cooker (which is still on but on keep warm mode) and try to grab some rice. Unfortunately, the spirit is trapped inside the rice cooker and may eventually die” so it’s best to keep our tummy with whatever food is served on the table to avoid it happening to us.

If we don’t sleep in the afternoon or becomes very stubborn, they would scare us by saying there is a “Bombay” (Indian men with full beard and riding a motorcycle) roaming around the streets with a sack and would put bad children inside the sack and bring somewhere far away. Since we would occasionally see Bombay in motorcycle passing the village (usually there is a pretty Indian lady seated at the back of the motorbike) and because they look different than us, so we were really scared and believe this story is true. Later on, we realized the so-called “Bombay” are Indian business men who are normal people like us and we need not be scared of them.

If we try to go home late or in occasion wherein we prefer playing outside than sleeping in the afternoon, we would hear stories from oldies like the roads/bridges are being repaired (or being made) and it was told that to make the road/bridges to be stronger, they would pour blood of a child especially the hard-headed ones so better stay indoors to be safe.

These are only some of the stories that we lived by as we grow up. Most of these stories were made up just to discipline children during our generation. I guess these stories will not work these days as children these days are more inquisitive. I also believe telling the children the truth on what consequences/outcome of their actions would bear supposed they don’t eat, sleep or listen to adults is still the best rather than whipping up wild stories.

What about you, what’s your story?


3 thoughts on “Stories as a child…

  1. Nung bata ako, takot na takot ako sa kuba, kiko. Kasi laging pnakot sa min un ng nanay ko pg ayaw nmin matulog sa hapon. Ang impression ko sa kuba nun nkktakot, malaki ung isang mata tapos madungis. Hehe. Takot din ako sa bumbay ung nkamotor tapos me dalang payong para kasing mangingidnap ng bata. Hahaha..

    Nakakatuwa un mga kinalakihan nating kwento nung bata pa tayo. Pg naiisip ko ngayon natatawa na lng ako bakit kinatatakutan ko dati yun.

    Thanks for the post, kiko, mdaming childhood memories akong naalala:)

  2. hi there, stories seemed scary but find them funny when we know more of the world around us!!!! which part of the phils are you from? i am not familiar with the stories you shared, or maybe we are of a different generation ha ha ha i also believe that kids should not be disciplined based on fear but on the understanding and knowledge of why and why not they should do certain things…where r u in bkk again?

    1. hi carnation..yeah the best way is to make them understand things especially when growing up rather than making up stories..
      i’m from metro manila and in bangkok in CBD, near Sathorn/Silom..

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